Thursday, February 06, 2014

Waitangi Day Special

Left home I'm not sure when, but entered the Crescent for the Farm Track at 10.30 am, earplugs in, music on random, I struggled my way to the top, cleaning everything, grannying away, passing lots of walkers, out the top and across the road onto the Vernon trail, then descending in a very cruisy way down to Rapaki top.  Loads of folk, walking or biking around these parts.  Largely ignored, I cruised into the 'Red Zone' entering Witch Hill trail, cleaning all of this and getting out onto the road at its end, whereupon a very mellow cruise ensued til I went over the, now locked, gate before the Tors, and the climb up to top of Castle Rock track.

Some guy was wandering up the road, so i just dropped straight in and bombed the way down to the hairpin and across to the next and then down some more til climbing on and on up to and over to top of Bridle Path.  Bit of a rest here at about an hour in, 11.30, in the tiny patch of shade provided by the fenced off building and loads of people about here.  Helmet off, and a bit of a drink of water, then back into it, over the stile and carrying for a bit then riding, walking, carrying, riding riding and walking up to the Gondola building and loads of people about from the cruise ship parked in the harbour below.  Onto the trail and riding over the zig and zag trail down to Cavendish Saddle, loads of people here too; everybody enjoying their day off work, I tucked into the climb and clambered whatever pace i could muster up through the spaniards and gate finally to the top of Mt Pleasant where a true rest could be had.  A muesli bar and drink and rest and it was even.

Off the top and moseying, good blast down here, meeting a few runners, rolling and flowing off down to Greenwood, beating some climber guy in, then catching up to and overtaking some guy on a new blue Specialized just after Gloopy Gulch, bombing off down ahead and blasting all the rest of the way through and out the bottom to an audience where to have a bit of a chat.

Next up it was into Godley.  Alas, now only 3 of 5 successful clambers over the opening section, I continued and climbed my way up. Once onto the level, I spotted someone ahead, catching him at the usual break spot, where he pulled up and I carried onwards down, pulling up for a bunch of climbers then continuing my speedy way down, some beautiful flow barrelling me on down, through Livingston, climbing again and over to Breeze, usual floaty flowy cruise, out and back over PfmtbcRock, and flying out to the Col.

Into Anaconda, "In Coming!" to some runners, pass then, blazing.  Rapido like the other night, flying, back and forth, and round, "Incoming!" and runner steps aside, flow past her, jump, weave, dive, and out the bottom onto the Tail where my back needed a bit of a rest but I flowed on down and out, finally resting up through the very very full carpark.

In by the surf club, up the alley, carry up the steps more and more steps. at 12.50pm, 2 1/2 hours after I left home, to the bach, and party celebrating Joy and Jerry's 30th anniversary together.  Happy Anniversary!!!  My last RedIPA from HopFed and a couple of delicious swims later, she's been a grand 6th of Feb.

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