Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday arvo quick dog

Landed back from Wellington at 2.15pm, originally because I was going to be doing the school pick up and taking to swimming run, which it turned out the dad of O & H's swimming buddies was able to do, so I got home, faffed about, got dog and bike sorted and headed for the hill.  By the time traffic let me across there it was already 4pm, so we didn't have a lot of light.  Parked up top of Worsley's, Jet and me headed up the main drag for a bit, me wheezing and him running out ahead.  Got my wheeze under control and at the Junction I decided I didnt want to deal with the ruts and muck and rocks and grease of the main drag, so we headed into the forest and up the guts track.  Rode most of the way to start with, but puffed out before the pylon gap and walked a little then managed to ride it on up to clifftop and on up the Originale, all the way out to the top.  Turned back around and headed down peeling left into Tommy's.  Took it pretty easy all the way down, popped a few jumps, still getting used to the bike, not trusting the terrain, grease around any corner, rutted out berms, off camber deluxe, and also the low angle sun was totally giving me gyp flashing my eyes through the trees.  Couple of near misses, but mostly a good run down, then hit back up the central track to clifftop again and headed down into the old original in here, then blended that onto the lower Wayne's World, then straight into Fight Club.  Blasted down this, great whoops, again still not trusting the traction so much.  Cleaned everything i didnt on Tuesday and rolled out the bottom.  The beginning of the climb back out wasnt so bad, but further up it got shit again and i ended up walking heaps of it just cos there was NO traction.  rode a bit, walked a bit then rode and walked the last to the Junction.  Headed down here, taking the righthand low line and missing the messy log drop, popped and rolled out down past the tank and into the rest of it out onto the splecky messed up open main drag, then rolled on down the road to the car clearing the tires nicely.  Jet trying to hump another trail dog as we went past.  All up about an hour, maybe less; good for us both tho.  Sun was fully down by the time i was driving the the road.  Traffic was a fucking nightmare home.

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