Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Bottle Lake spin

Forecast and persistent rain on the hills all day was putting me off to thinking that we wouldn't ride last night, but Nelson came over to mine after work anyway, and we'd both noticed how dry my side of town was, ie, roads completely dry from the CBD onwards, so decided on heading out for a(nother for me) spin of Bottle Lake...  Arrived at carpark 6.30ish, and headed on in, me on the singlespeed again, but no dog this time.  Good fast pace all the way through to Mount Garbage, then down, passing a woman and her dog, through past the ponds, and out to the beach.  Sand blowouts on the tops of the dunes all rideable due to dampness, but trails were way drier than the previous evening.  We stopped up here, Nelson to pump his tires a tad, me to tweak the rear spokes hoping to stop the tire rub under power - to no avail.

Along the front, up and down, then in, and through, all the way up to Spencer Park this time, some big event on up there, (heard later from some other riders at the carpark that there were 4500 youth on a camp, with a band etc).  We rode through to Adrenalin Forest and stopped for a snack, before turning back through, the band at the Youth thing cranking up about then.  Been a long time since we'd been all the way through here.

Back into the trails, blasting back through, Nelson starting to go faster and me feeling like my bike was getting slower.  Legs burning, spinning and lungs wheezing to keep up.

Eventually, back to the car and back on the road 8pmish.  Better than nothing, and surprisingly dry.

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