Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jet Bottle first lights

Quick repair of the rear brake on the singlist after dinner then Jet and me cruised out to the sandpit in the Fiat. A light rain starting around our departure. Headed in and hung a right blasting along for the start then easing off for the furboy. Mostly was running the light on low on account of having forgotten to charge it and not knowing how long i had. Did have a spare in my pack & a small back up on the bars though.  No worries tho, the main lamp stayed up and running the whole way, and then barely needed any charge once home.

Out near the beach I slowed up for Jet & we just cruised along there. The sea was really pumping. Jet trotted along happy as a happy thing. Once we headed back into the forest I pickup the speed a bit, holding up now & then til I could see the glow of his eyes. We took the longest route, out towards Spencer before heading back thru to the car. I hadn't been this way for a while.  On the way back through the last sections I reminisced about where the trail used to go in places, and how the whole place has changed in the 18 odd years I've been riding in here..  Back to the car after about an hour's ride all up.

Popped into Parklands on the way home for some bevvies to take to the bach for the forthcoming Easter break.

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