Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursday night, Ungodley greasiness

Was 7ish by the time we got to Evans Pass, and then Nelson's rear tire was flat.  Thought it was just a slow leak so he pumped it and we could hear the hisssss.  Turned out to be valve failure - unpatchable, and the three other tubes in his car had either that or the massive split from a few rides back...  the heavy tube came out of the bottom of my bag and into his tire, giving him a slight weight handicap.  after 7.15 by the time we got away.  Due to Nelson's illness and the coughing and spluttering I opted to take the lead for most of the ride.  This suited me, as I wasn't feeling fast and it kept Nelson from blowing himself out too much.

Off up we went and boy were the rocks slick.  No chance of cleaning the first section - the moment we entered it the back wheels spun out.  Same went for the next little bit, but from there on up was only the occasional dab on the slippery trickery.  Good breeze blowing too, pushing and tugging at times, making the slick rocks even more of a challenge.  Mostly good run out and only a few mucky holes, tho some of the ruts are ruttier.  Around the end and round into the boardwalk zone, all good, but after the boardwalks, nastiness ensued.  First it was the holes and soggy ground, then the Teddington Shit was like mucus, splecky and sticky and gross.  After it the trail got good for a while and the downhill was fast, but I was holding on so much I couldn't open my shock up and couldn't turn my light up and so I wasn't the fastest, but then, you probably didn't wanna be, it was just dodgy enough not to be.  Down to Livingston and upwards again, wind strong, good climb then into the cruisey round and down to Breeze, going very slowly down the paddock after the pfmtbc rock, not wanting to be sprayed with muck.

From Breeze Col we headed across the road and up the trail round the side of the hill on the Taylors side, climbing up and onto the wee goat track which was really good, tho obviously being less and less used.  Traction was good and it was just a fun wee track.  Fast descent down to the end and then back round the original singletrack below the road.  This had the usual holes in it, one of which gave me the heebeegeebees, catching me by surprise and me just managing to skip round it.  Would have eaten my wheel otherwise.

Back at Breeze Col we hit the road, moonlight bright enough to rest our lights, all the way round til top of Scarborough where we headed up the hill back onto the track.  The climb was greasy and slippery, with only the grass giving any traction, and Nelson seemed to charge ahead while I grovelled away...  Back on trail I led the way back.  Was a great run, tail wind assisted, flowy(ish), poppy and slicky, all the way back, with only a dab or two.  The final rock sections all the more fun for their slipperiness.  Back at the car 8.45 or so.

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