Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tuesday with the Krew

Nelson and me met up with Wazza, Steve and Robin, Andy, and Wayne at 6.15 as specified, at the top of the tarmac on Huntsbury.  We chuffed up into the cold breeze.  Rode mostly together well grouped most of the way, Steve hanging back with Robin who was struggling with lurgies and general lack of shape.  Into the Traverse and we rocketshipped our ways round, Andrew never too far behind Nelson and me.  I was enjoying following him, cos the trail was nicely lit up for me with him in front, and slipstreaming is always good too.  Short regroup at the usual spot and onwards round to Vic Top.  Another regroup here then off down the Thomsons.  Fun we blast down the first, Nelson nearly losing it on the first hairpin.  Second half was great with the full squish down the bumpy wooden entrance, and you wouldn't necessarily want 800mm wide bars in those trees...

Kiwi and Andy had gotten a flat back in the Thomson, so, Steve and Robin went ahead to just do a lower half run (Steve's wrist was sore), then Wayne and Warren, and Nelson and me decided to give up waiting and headed on up, not seeing any of the others again for a while.  We could see the two W's lights up on Marley as we were rounding the road.  I led into the Nun, and we fanged it down.  the Spot was glorious - except for the chain bouncing off twice (moar tension needed...).  Rock sections that in the past bailed me up were smooth as silk.  Nelson enjoyed following my lines cos they were slightly different to his usual ones.  I guess I was still riding my hardtail lines...  On the lower section, I had quite a moment on one of the humpies, my back end getting kicked and I was on the verge of heading over the bars, but momentum kept me in check and the rest of the way down was sweet.

Regrouped with the two W's and Andy (Steve and Robin having gone ahead ages before).  Up the road and into the Traverse.  I led for a while but the pressure of Nelson and Andy on my tail pooped me, so I let Nelson lead again and stayed tight on his tail except for when my legs were running out of steam on some of the wee climbs.  Off left down Hunstbury, rocks and tussocks trying to take advantage, then rocket ride down gravel into the landing strip and on down to the singletrack.  The W's took the main track all the way down, til Andy got them at the pylons and got them on track again.  Popped most of the jumpies, Nelson did them all, and was a good run.  S and R had departed not long before we got back to the vehicles at 8pm

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