Thursday, May 01, 2014

O for finally, Thursday, post storms Muckvicker's - half None

Finally a couple fine days made it possible to get out on the bikes.  Nelson came to my place and I fixed my flat from the Little Ak tire swap puncture (swapped front to rear, Conti didn't mount right, swapped them back and got a hole in front tube...), then we headed for top of Worsley Rd.  LOTS of water running out of the hillsides across the road on the way up.  But, once on the dirt, not so bad.  The usual streams of water in all the ruts on the way up, but before the first corner it was oooozing, so we headed into the trees and found a highline track we'd never seen before.  Heaps of tree damage in here, but not a patch on what we were to find further up.  Someone has been in there with chainsaws, tidying here and there, but lots is too big to deal to...  Very quickly we arrived at The Junction, where we headed up the former streambed that is The Guts track.  Not long later and I was wheezing away, unable to breathe on account of this fucking cold I've got presently.  Walking a little before the pylon gap, through the several trees down across the track, which have been cleared away already. 

Above the pylon gap, more trees down, this time, not cleared.  around some, over others, then onwards and up to the Clifftop.  On up the Original B-Line, a tree here, detour, another tree there, through that one, another tree and detour.  Then up the rocky bit to where Debby's bits start, but no going down there, waaay too wet - would've been worse than my first time.  On over and up, another tree, detour, onto a random small singletrack and suddenly, the top.  Off down to the Body Bag.  Oh, boy.  the ruts.  the water, but rideable line pretty much the whole way, except for the quagmire puddle half way up.  On up, my virus-lungs getting the better of me, wheezing my way on foot (from further up than last time) to the top.

Figured, the Nun is meant to be 'all weather', what with it's majorly rocked-up surface, so, headed on up to give it a look.  Surprise surprise, it was fine.  Evidence of maybe 2 or 3 other riders through, and no damage resulting.  Only one type of surface was greasy, when the dirt looked kinda grey.  Yellowish brown was sweet, and rocks were sweet, but the grey stuff...  slickly.  Thankfully, not too much of it.  Anyway, not a very high speed descent, but fun, and bailed out at the halfway carpark (which you couldn't park a car on, as it's storage for slip-muck from up the road).

Up the road, back to top of Worsley's and down.  Half way down and Nelson stops dead, wheels up nearly to their hubs in the quagmire puddle half way.  It really was like jelly.  And very deep.  Got the bike out, and kinda tried to put some drainage in, but not likely working.  And onwards down.  Then, right-hander up to the B-line zone.  This time, taking Tommy's left hander and cruising down.  One tree, managed to snap a few branches out of the way.  Another tree, lift over...  then on down into the carnage around the top of Fight Club.  Decided against attempting it, and had a look around just above the pylon gap, then across this, and more looking around, then down to the track and in to the left, this time exploring a bit more on that side of the Guts track.  Eventually, out and down the way we'd come up, then past the tank and back into the forest, detouring around a fallen tree, then detouring out of the forest and back in for the final branchlet and cone infested lower last bits of trail..

All up, some good riding, and not really that dirty.  Once again, the little mudguard worked a treat - nothing in my eyes, and stanchions all nice and clean..

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