Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Planting over the River Styx

Biked to Pete's on the Troll and met him and Steve (on his cruiser).  We bombed Avonside and Kilmore, across Cranmer Sq, Armagh into the park across to Kilmarnock and then straight up the railtrail, all the way, out the top on Tuckers, then Cavendish.  Stopped in at the Cosy Cafe for a coffee and then on up to the Styx Reserve, ignoring the No Bikes signs and riding through, admiring all our previous efforts, which are growing into beautiful bush, to the first Trees For Canterbury planting of the season.  Plugged a heap of new plants into the stony, yet soft, ground and then Pete and me left at 12 cos we both had stuff to do around 1.  Rode back the way we'd come at a fair clip - making good time, some 35 - 40 mins, home.

This blog was 9 years old tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Swtchbckr!

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