Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend bike builds and a non ride.

Spent a chunk of Saturday pulling the BFe apart and transfering drivetrain and brakes to O's new ride, an extra small Bergamont.  Got it finished with only one trip to the bikeshop, then Sunday morning put all my bits and bobs onto my frame, xt brakes, Revolution Components narrow wide chainring, 10spd shifter and cassette (11-36).  Got it all together and realised i'd used the cable intended for it on O's bike, so, quick trip up to Bike Biz and got it done, tuned, and the 3 of us boys went out to B.Lake for a spin.  A bloody slow spin, with Jet.  O was fast on his new bike, and we could have covered heaps of the park in no time, but H was struggling away on his 'new' bike, the 24inch Norco O had.  Doesnt quite get the gears yet. 

Anyway, we went in, went left, but not hard left, and through to the pond, then out to the beach and south, and back in.  Long and painful it was.  Then, just after the 'water feature' (flooding on the track) the boys were off ahead, and Jet went round a corner, i heard him bark, and then this guy appeared flipping over his handlebars onto the track.  clatter clatter.  He'd hit Jet and gone OTB.  Got up and his wrist was very tweaked, either broken or sprained badly.  He was gutted.  Said he was doing the Chch Half Marathon in 2 weeks time and this was gonna knacker his chances...  oh dear.  I put his chain back on and then had to catch up with the boys.  We rode on, and up top of the gazebo hill the guy with the wrist rode past (and Jet nearly got under his wheels again!).  Hope he's okay.

So.  Disappointed I hadnt finished the bikes Saturday,  - I'd been hoping to ride Mt Grey Sunday morning...  bah.

new 1x10 certainly feels like i've got enough gears.  Going up the hill will test whether 32 to 36 is low enough.  another week or so to wait and the Revo Components 40t will be available.

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