Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday's Loner - West End buzz

Had a Tardeme pick up in Halswell at 9am, so figured I'd ride that end of the hills, having not for quite some time (over a year in fact).  Parked and rode in, earbuds in, music on random, 9.30am.  Got a little huffed on the very first (tiny) climb, but then got into the groove with not too much wheezing up C2.  Nice climb, nice day, nice temperature, nice sounds.  All so nice.  Once up on the Crock o'pile things got a bit rutty.  Silly people riding when the track isn't hard...  There was a closed sign at the bottom, but ignorable today.  Dabbed out a few times on the way up.  Most of the hairpins near the top are totally rutted out and very tricky to negotiate climbing.

Up onto "Take the Low Road" (still prefer 'new tasty' from a few years back), and sidled back and forth on the hill, avoiding the big muckruts, and a number of new lines in places I'm sure the trail directors aren't that keen on.  Over Siberia and down to the gate.  Chatted briefly with a dude here.  He asked about the single front ring.  I did the sell for Revolution Components, "made right here in Chch - good to support local industry, eh?"  Then I got going.  Huffed and chuffed up the hill, only getting as low as 2nd on all the first sections, up up and over, getting warm, stripping a layer out at the crest then on up through the foresty bit and up to the steeeeeps...  Water tank up here, i pulled up for a wee, and then hit the climb with aplomb.  Nearly puking twice, I stopped for breathers, but rode on and cleaned everything with no dabs.  Out across the top and into the tight broom singletrack now out to the summit road, only 10.20pm, so basically a 50 minute climb.

Around the road and into Worsley's Rd, climbing this in 3rd, nice.  Up to top of the Nun and a well earned rest.  Half a OSM and a chat to the dude up there, then another dude turned up on a Turner 5 Spot.  Got talking and took it for a little spin to the top of the hill and back.  Lovely suspension action magic carpet ride back down to them.  They took off and I put the helmet and music back on, gloves, and in.  Awesome descent, trail in perfect nick and everything as expected with good air and great pump.  Railed it for the top section, took it a little easier in the middle rocky section, but then started to rail again when I saw the 5-Spot rider ahead and chased him til the carpark break point, where he pulled over and I jumped into the lead.  Faaaast down through those next two sections then whoop whoop whoop through the jumpies and then easing off again through the last swoops before the final wee climb.

Straight onto the road and climbing away, grinding it out all the way through and back down to Kennedy's Top.  Cruised across the tops and then into the downhill, with an audience, walkers scattering all over the place as I rocketed through (-kidding, I gave them plenty of space and respectful speed).  Bombed on down, flying all the way.  Bypassed Siberia up the wide track, and then into the Low Road.  Took it pretty easy to start, the ruts and grease still with potential to catch you out.  Met quite a few climbing riders lower down, but once on the Crock'o'shit just some walkers near the top and bottom.  Great run down here, taking it easy to stay out of the ruts, with some wicked speed in places.  Finally the quickly cranked climb into C2 and it was sweet running down here.  Caught the jump part way down nicely, then into the corners, meeting one climbing rider woman in here, and blazing into the valley, and into the climb, slowing right down til the top then out into the open country and walkers (who did take offense at my speed).  Rolled on down to the car and it was only 11.20.  Yowzer, a 2 hour ride, and all the distance covered.  Nice.

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