Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Tuesday night struggle

Nelson picked me up on Moorhouse and we negotiated our way to Mt Pleasant, parking up on the Upper Major.  Hmmm, my rear tire was a bit low, so topped it up.  Carpark/4wd access point was pretty wet just there off the road, but once on the singletrack climb it was soft, but not puggy or quagmired.  Pretty soon my tail-end-of-cold lungs were wheezing away, struggling for air.  Up around the corners, and onto the damp bit, it was saturated.  Needs a boardwalk along here at this time of year, fucking mess.  Slowly and steadily, we cruised up, trying to ride lightly, and then up around the bend onto the oldskool Britten trail, across the hill to the exit and then back round the road and up Broadleaf, the hills drying out as we climbed.  Grind grind grind and out the top.  Up here, more air in the tire, and we could see some other lights below us.

Into the trail down and hopping and popping over the rocks, no slop or muck around here.  Good blast down and in no time we're down to the end, the other lights down at the ruins.  On down the farmtrack then right onto the single, meeting the other lights (three old mugs on 29ers) on the singletrack, before we blasted down through the ruins and onto Greenwood proper.  Pretty good most of the way down, a few rutted up sections, my riding ability somewhat hampered by muppetry.  Once through the upper switchies and round the usual spots were saturated and mucky as mucky gets.  Round into Gloomy Gulch, and it was pretty good in here.  I took some time out to rest my sore back here, then off down meeting Nelson lower down before Dave's Zone.  No massive speed through here, cos you're just never sure what's round the next corner, muck or ruts?  Through the wee cattlestop and bleurgh.  Absolute mess.  Someone(Dave?)'s been digging it out but it's a fucking quagmired mess, most of the way round into the wee creek.  Good from here tho.  I put more air in the tire before the final blast for fear of rock pinches.  The section after the Two Rocky Ups was inundated in water.  First time across the bulldozer/digger track for me, and around to the finish.

Down the road and into Godley. (Track Open sign in full force).  Nelson stuffed up the first go, I stuffed my only go.  He stuffed up his second go, but got it on the third.  I muppetried my way on up, gimping and flaking all over the place while wheezing away.  Bit of wind blowing further along, and a few more really wet bits.  All good round the section with the two boardwalks, but once onto the old Teddington a bit damp again, and I nearly lost it on smallest wooden bridge in there.  After the slightly bigger wooden bridge (ramp at end), the trail was totally rutted for a bit, then free flow, and a good blast from there to Livingston ensued.

Climb over to Breeze was okay, a few wet bits not often wet before, all the chip holding together nicely.  Across the slope above the PFMTBC Rock and "WHOOAH!" greasy wet bit, then around.  Nelson hit the Rock, while I detoured, then it was splecky saturated ground all the way to the crossing and to the road.

Here we headed around below the road out to the end.  around about 3 tunnel-erosion holes in the track to watch out for.  I was starting to get really tired around here too, nearly crashing in one of the holes.  We took a break at the toilet building out the end, scoffing some OneSquare and topping up water, then off back round.  Me dying a little more.  From Breeze, back up the sloppy paddock onto the track, Nelson waay off ahead, me dying, and having to pump my tire, yet again...  Over towards Livingston, a good run down the hill, but then I was pinballing off everything, feeling weaker and tired.  At Livingston, my head light died, so I hit the road and Nelson carried on up the singletrack.  I struggled up and around, tire getting lower and lower all the way, til eventually, for the descent to Evans i was leaning forward, keeping the weight off it.

Lay on the side of the road and spun out whilst waiting for Nelson.  He didnt show, and didnt show, then got a txt from him asking where i was, he was waiting for me at the usual regroup spot thinking i was gonna ride up to complete the singletrack...  nope.  So, waited some more and eventually he turned up and I'd pumped my tire hard enough to get me back.

Finally, up Summit Rd, loonnnnnggg drawn out effort, trying not to die the whole way.  Took seemingly forever, and finally over and down the road to the car.  I was so wiped.  That climb, i reckon, i felt the worst i've ever felt on a bike.  Too hot, too cold, head ache, no energy, sore muscles.  ugh.  9.20pm

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