Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday, Heated Hunts with a couple Park Laps

Met Steve, Wazza and Nelson (on his xc whippet) at the bottom of Ramahana.  Steve wasn't feeling up to the climb so he headed on around to the Park, whereas us three remainders headed up the hill.  Was hot and we were all in our black pfmtbc tees - good choice.  Made the top, and blatted around the Traverse, chatting with various peeps at various points.  Blat through the Thompsons, and across onto Old Dyers for a charging scream down this.  Noted that 3rd Base was Closed...  Decided on Loess Rider for a change, and had a great run down this, finding Steve at the bottom (having expected us about 15 minutes earlier (the time we'd spent yakking)).  Nelson headed home to collect his DH bike (not wanting to ride anything interesting on his noodly whippet), and so the other three of us headed up the lift.

Into Yeah Gnar, good bomb down here, then Possum, pop pop pop.  And into Handle the Jandal for a good floaty waft down all the jumps.  At the bottom Nelson was still a wee ways away, so we headed in for coffee (tea etc) and when we'd done he'd arrived.  The other two boys decided they were done, and headed home.  Nelson and me took the lift.  Into Summit Connector, lower GnarlyNun and it's fun rocks, then lower Nun, followed by Choirb, stopping at the now open 3rd Base.  I checked out the squirrel catcher.  Followed Nelson in and cleared it no problem, then the fun began  Awesome trail, exactly my kind (tho I skipped on the harder features).  Some pretty sketchy greasy spots in the steeps under darkness and wetness of the firs and eventually we made it out the bottom intact.  Fun times.

Decided I was done, and needed to get home, so rode back to Nelson's car, and I continued on down the road and around the streets and riverbanks to my car on Buxton.

Quite a big ride, leaving me pretty toasted. total of 33.5 kms, with 1369 altitudinal descent.  (minus the 2 uplifts giving me total 30kms ridden, and a naturally aspirated gain of 590m).

Friday, January 11, 2019

Three days, Three Rides, St James and Amuri

Spent 3 nights off the grid (hence no Map-my-...) at the St James Homestead. First was a short there and back with Jet, up to Peters Pass and back, at his pace, on the Homestead Run.

Second was a loop and a bit. Up the road towards Lake Tennyson, left up the Edwards and down to Peters Pass (where I'd ridden the day before), then I dropped down a steep technical horses track to the Edwards Valley and along a km or two, then turned around and headed back up the 4wd grunt climb, and back down to Peters and speed back to base.  This ride was about 20 kms all told, with maybe 300 metres climbed?

Third was up and back on the Amuri/Hanmer Springs Ski Area road. Steep fucker. 1 hour 15 up, 13 minutes down. Wind was so strong I had to walk a few times to stay on the road.  Descent was well fast.  Around 7 kms each way, and around 660m climbed.  

Monday, January 07, 2019

Monday Ride of 2 Halves Hanmer.

First off, out with Jet and O, up Conical Hill zig and zag.  One grump said "you know it's not a riding track?" to which I replied, "yeah, but it's a good climb, and we're not abusing anyone". 

Then into Eagle's Nest.  Nice steep wee trail, with a few interesting features.  Spotted a super tech line off to the left, which I'll look at next time.  Across the walktrack into C-Line, which was even more tech.  Steep tech corners, and on down onto Swoop for a blast out to the end.  Next, up Timberline, steep bugger climb, but not too long, and up Red Rocks. 

O was having enough of the climbing, so from the bottom we headed back around to the house and dropped him and Jet off.

Paul was back from his family ride, so joined me out for more.  We headed across to and up Timberline, then up Jolliffe's, where the top difficult corner has a new line out further and back.  Then, into the fun tight descent, good blat down this, across the bridge and up Big Foot. As usual, a good hefty climb, and a lot of heat, so we had a good rest at the top before hitting the DH, fun blast all the way down and back around into the forest and around and out the bottom.  Next up, climb into Detox.  Near the top we heard and saw a guy with fresh legs chasing us up.  We kept our lead across the top and dropped him on the downhill.  Then we headed straight into Mach 1 for the blast out to the end.  More climbs, but less height in them, than my memory usually serves...

Finally, back across Camp Track into Western Link and back to the house.  After this it was soaking time with the kids at the pool. 

Overall, 16.34 kms, but what felt like more than 522 m climbed.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Saturday Well Cooked Park Play

Met at Nelson's and we headed round to and up Merlewood Ave (the wrong way), across to Dyers, and on up.  We intended to drop into the Sneaky 35 but discovered it's been stopped, finding a "Park privileges revoked" sign, so we bailed around to Shredzilla and bombed down that, me nearly losing it on the rocky section (cos Nelson was right in front of me and I couldn't see for the dust).  Rest of the way down was sweet, bombing into the bottom as usual.

Up to the lift for uplift 1, and headed into Swinger's Party.  Lots of fun, with me in the lead, cleaning it all up and enjoying it profusely.  Then into Jandal, lovely floaty air all the way down.

Uplift number 2 and we headed across Summit into lower Gnarly dropping the rocks and the rest of Nun into ChoirOldDyers, with the intention of doing 3rd Base.  For some reason it was closed, even tho we'd seen people coming out of it earlier on.  Damnit.  So, we decided on a Vic Park blat. Across the road and up the old way in to the 19th Memorial, then skidder, and into Spazza's, dropping down Sneaky Ridge - taking a couple of lines I'd not taken before.  Dropped into Nu Bridges, then clambered up Hidden Valley, just about dying on the last reaches of climb, and out Old Skool for the finish.  I was getting so exhausted by the bottom sections, Nelson was miles ahead.

25kms, 1200 climbed, of which 780 was assisted

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Little Fat-aloa Gravelling.

From the bach on the fatty, headed up the road and down the gravel into Decanter, then the long climb up towards Menzies, to high point Rehutai gate, and turned around and rode back down again. Muggy and warm. Jumped off the wharf into 15 degree coolness afterwards.

I gleaned satan's elevation gain (666m) in 17.7kms

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Short and Slow Dog

Took Jet to Nelson's and we headed from his, up the hill to the first cul-de-sac and down the walktrack, then around Centaurus and up Holliss.  Up the singletrack below around the houses, checking out a new unnoticed-before track, then on up along the barbedwire roots into the dog park where Jetty had a nice play with all the woofs he'd met a couple days earlier.  Up past the rangerbase and up the steep skidder, past brakefree and up Worm to the top of Vic.  Into the Traverse, meeting a drone following a rider just before Lavaflow, then down the jumpy grease to the grasslands, and then down the next jumpy with some grease to the top of Hunts.  From here it was slow, down the road, and then down Vista and down the Whaka Tce track and back around to Nelson's. 

12.something kms, 490m or so climbed. Good dog. Woof

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday 3 Lapsa th' CAP

Nelson had 3 uplifts to use and I had a couple left on my card and was needing to buy a new 10 lift before they ran out.  We met at the park, me quite hungover from a Camel Cottage party, and not having managed breakfast (dropped it, breaking the plate on the way out the door, and spilling hot coffee all over my tum-tum) and barely drank any of the coffee... 

Up the lift we went.  Taking it easy first run, straight into Yeah yeah nah, which was okay, then into Lord of the Possums.  Mostly a good run down here, good jumps on most, clearing them smoothly, tho one nearly toppled me over forward.  Bottom of this and we were into Handle the Jandal.  Handled this very nicely, excellent boost on most jumps, tho one close call where the jump landed me into the inside of a corner rut/drain that I just managed to not quite get into.

Straight into the next lift, me wanting to puke on the way up, but managing to keep it down.  This time trying out the tech.  Into Throw the Goat, Nelson doubling everything, me taking bunny lines.  I thought there was an 'escape route' from Throw the Goat across to Swingers Party before Yoda, but no, there's not (only the 4wd part way down) and so we ended up dropping down Yoda, which proved to be actually extremely fun.  Cleaned everything, albeit all the "easy" lines (they're not that 'easy' but all rideable).  Then across and into DOHC for a boosty fun blast trailing in Nelson's dust, but keeping him in check. 

My ticket had run out so went and got some kai, Nelson kindly shared some of his free burger with me, and I managed a hangover-curing smoothy (oats, banana, ginger... good!).  Down to get a new pass, and we hit our third lift of the day.  Took Summit Connector, and dropped into the Nun via the bottom droppy section of Gnarly Nun, excellent blast down here, and then a speeding Choir Boy / Old Dyers, overtaking a couple down here, and hoofing up to Capt Cooker, and straight into Shredzillaville for an excellent trip down.  I cleaned everything again, and stuck to the non-'easy' lines, no problems! 

All up a nice run, and didnt bother with MMR, so there's no proof other than my memory.  Estimating about 1200 or more metres of descent.