Wednesday, October 17, 2018

And one I forgot to post...

On Sunday after we'd settled into the units, the boys had already started having a beer and Nelson and me went into Codgers, climbing to the Turners/Firball skidder then down to the Smasher entry. Climbed up this and dived on in. Steep steep steep, with the usual 3 corners catching me out as usual. I blame it being a bit wet. 

Wednesday, Trip, final ride on way home, Teetotals

St Arnaud...

Tuesday, Trip Day 5, Sharlands Wiggling and Sucking

Restful morning and early afternoon about town and back at base then up the Maitai and up Sharlands to the old 506 cos RnR had been logged

Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday, Trip Day 4, ride 2. Codgers - Firball, P51, Firball

From the Free House we headed back up the Brook and up the Codgers climb, and Jack's. Split here with the boys heading down and across to P51, while Nelson and me headed for the Fireball Trig. Then down hell for leather. Jumps galore. Then across and up, and into P51, more speed and jumps, then lower Firball and out back to base

Monday, Day 4, Ride 1, Fringe climb The Ara Koa

10ish start, dropped into Flamedaisy for a coffee then headed up Tantragee and on up. Lonnnnng climb. Then sketchy as fuck descent which led onto more sketch then less so for 45 minutes of downhill into The Brook.

Then into town for lunch just before 2 at Prig and Sperm, followed by a pint at The Free House before the next ride

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Trip Day 3. Richmond

Exited our Mot accommodation and drove to Richmond where we climbed and climbed and climbed up the Escalator then a for break to the top of Richmond Hill. Into Upper Slippery Rail which ended up proving pretty fricking steep. Then onto Lower, fanging it down to berminess and beyond. Eventually back onto Escalator to finish

Saturday 2nd Trip Day 2nd Ride -Mill Rd Singles

The boys all buggered off back to Mot but Nelson and me wanted more so we took the TFC Ute to Parapara inlet and parked up.

Another rider passed by and we chatted, then headed up the road (after I rechecked the locking of the truck). Steep gravel low speed then onto tight narrow descent. Fun,!

Saturday 2nd Trip Ride - Rameka

A bunch of vehicle shuffling resulted in Nelson and me driving to Takaka and back then chasing the rest of the boys in the Canaan Rd. They were waiting for us at the Roller Coaster and we proceeded from there. Rameka. splecky and messy but fun. Pack Track, funner. Great Expectations, fun as. Then, we climbed back up... Ugh. Back into Great, then into a new one, Historic Rameka... Nice. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday. First Trip Ride - Kaiteriteri

Quite a bit of rain around so was pretty late before we got out to the park. Headed up Easy, then Swish, Scoot, Remedy, Revelation, Ziggy, Corkscrew, Big Ups, Big Airs, Ziggy, Corkscrew, Jaws, Ups, Skulldug all the way... Bit wet, slower as a result and the roots were well techy to usual

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wednesday Night Bowenvale Steeps

After biking home into a nor'west and feeding dog, I navigated traffic across to Nelson's and we got going about 5.30pm.  Up Parklands Dr briefly to first cul-de-sac then down the walkway to Centaurus, and around to and up Bowenvale Ave.  We hit straight into the Old Skool climbing bastard steep in places, and it didn't help that the wind was now round to southerly and howling down the valley, trying to push us off at every turn.  The few zags with it behind us were sweet tho.  I walked many techy bits.  Seemed like ages but eventually we made the pylon and headed around and down Hidden Valley Link.  All the way down this and into the the 'road' in the bottom of the valley. 

Up the valley walk track, past bottom of Lavaflow, and into techy good/badass-ness.  At the junction where we usually turn right (around to bottom of Brent's), we stopped for a snack, and then thought, 'lets explore up valley a bit.'  Up we went, riding and walking, lots of steep tech rocks (which Nelson had ridden down once (and crashed on)) - and he faced his demons by riding the bit he'd crashed on.  Then around sidling for a bit then climbing.  Heaps more country in this neck of the woods than I thought was there.  Another junction - downwards towards bottom of Lavaflow? or right, and up?  We chose up.  Feck that is steep.  Farm track, Nelson cleaned it all, I walked a tonne.  Finally up onto the Traverse and headed, lee of the hill - wind not so bad, around to Vic Park. 

Stopped just before the trees, and I decided we hadn't been down Upper Fenceline for years, maybe worth a look.  Poked our noses down another new track briefly, but stuck to the plan and rode Fenceline.  Nice trail across into the trees, fun jumpies, then now there's options, one straight down (old way), and one that sweeps around and then takes you across back into the park, crossing Tilted Sally and other named or nameless DH tracks, then eventually to the intersection that Cool Runnings starts at.  We headed down this.  If you knew it well, it'd be super fun jumpy, but even just taking it as it comes it was pretty good.  Bombed out the bottom and through the fence onto Flow, and Bridges - Nu Bridges down the bottom of the valley again. 

Back into and up Hidden Valley Link, climbing climbing and cleaning, then the epic blast down Old Skool. Wind still howling, pushing us along the trail except where it sidles back up valley midway, where normally you can carry your speed, pumping, had to pedal hard this time.  I was getting really tired in the bottom reaches rolling out the bottom relieved to be done!... Finishing with a nice tailwind coast down Bowenvale Ave and around back to Nelsies.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Monday Night HuntsMary Duncan

Had to bike home to feed the dog after work, then drove across and parked at Nelson's place.  We rode up his street, into the first cul-de-sac and then up the 2 steppy walk track sections (I walked a lot) up to Huntsbury Ave.  A very direct route, and although steep, is like an elevator, you miss the worst bit of Parklands Drive too.  Up the road to the top, and over the stile onto the singletrack - steep little bugger it is, up the jumps then over the gate, and up under the cabbage tree rocks around to the fence and onto the landing strip, then up the gravel grovel.  Into Vernon, nice descent, only having to pause/pull-over a couple times for climbers before bombing the final skittery gravel mix.  Straight through Rapaki-top and clambering up onto the Witch.  Nelson got the drop on me here, and I was struggling around the front when I could see him already flying out the last section.  Legs. Just. Wouldn't. Push...

Across the road and we rode the first section of singletrack to the gate.  Over this and we took in the view of the valley (Avoca) below.  Nelson was saying this is all Council land now...?  Wow!  Scope for trails is massive.  Climbed up the steep farm track to the top of the ridge, climbing over the fence to look for the trail to the rocky top, which we couldn't really find cos of all the tussocks.  From the top, the trail is obvious (kinda), and after a coupla pics we hit the down.  The Mary Duncan. Feck it's a steeep-arsed descent, in places.  A few splits where there's awesome (or mad) techy lines, but always a bunny route next to it.  Nelson crashed on the first truly tech rock drop, hitting something he thought was just grass (that was solid).  Picked himself up and rode it again.  Then we're down the ridge for a bit.  STINKY bloated dead cattlebeast carcass just over the fence, and Nelsie rode a couple of bits I didn't.  Then down next to the rocky knob and took the tricknical trail off to the right, up onto the ridge.  Here's some awesomely steep rocky technical shit, down the razor back ridge.  Just before a super hard rock garden, I see Nelson lying upside down bike on top of him on some bushes.  He'd stopped, put his foot down and it'd gone into a hole...  He extricated himself and I rode down next to the rock garden and watched him ride it.  Then on down more awesome tech, then nearly lost the trail but found it again as it headed down the face towards the pylon, several interesting (but not as hard? as last time) techrock droppy bits.

Over the gate and across into the forest, weaving back and forth, staying a bit higher up on what seemed to be cow or sheep trodden bike track.  Had a bit of an explore in here, pushing up and riding various jumpy sections, then off down the final trail, rooty exit to the grassy straightline out to Port Hills Rd.  Onto the road and round to Centaurus.  We explored up Stonehaven, where I'd never been before, climbing to the top, then cutting across and seeing if a dirt sidling track took us anywhere (it didn't).  Back down and over Centaurus, Nelson powering up it, me not so much.  Then bombing down past Rapaki-bottom and across the flats.  One last climb, up View Tce.  Never been up this before either.  Fricking steep pig, up to Huntsbury, and finally blast down to Nelson's.

Good sized loop, with extras... 16.3 kms, and 703 m climbed.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Wednesday Night Windy Misty Daylight Tops Savings.

Met at Nelson's about 6 and we took our own cars up the hill parking at the top of the seal. Rode up the main drag, me getting my wheeze on before the pylon, and having to stop for a puff.  Onwards up, just through the cattlestop we hung a right, along the fenceline then up the singletrack from there.  Up the landing strip then up the gravel drudge to the Summit Rd.  Nice views up here.  Onto Vernon, down around, stopping to let a million riders through a couple of times, before a final stop-free blast to the finish. Into the Witch, good techy climb and fun descent, then across the road and onto the singletrack above the road.  At the end of this, before the Tors, stopped for photos (see mmr) at the new stile here (new memorial seat for a farmer), then up the road under the Tors.  A well earned snack before getting into Castle Rock - fast!  Rocket ships down the first section, slightly less so through the middle and then Nelson powered up the ups while I just plodded on up.

Bridle Path top: headed back up the road to the Castle, and climbed up onto the Tors track.  Excellent descent down this, cleaning everything, but stalled briefly just after the wee lump that normally gets me.  Down onto the road and across onto the singletrack again for the better direction, nice run through this, then straight into Witch, clamber clamber, racing the light now, bombing down the Rapaki side.  Then, instead of Vernon singletrack, we headed up the road to save time, sun having pretty much fully set.  Across the start of the Traverse, dropped into the jumpy descender, lights on tho not really needing them yet, easterly wind nearly blowing us off the jumps, then down the landing strip and over the fence into the singletrack.  Pretty good run down this, Nelson doing all the jumps, me skipping one or two, down down down, to the cars.

15 kms with 596m climbed.  Not bad!