Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Morning Urumau Loops

Bought O a new bike over the weekend, (a Trek Roscoe 7) and as he was staying at Tane's, I thought I could incorporate a ride, a ride for him, and pick-up into one trip.  So, Nelson and me met on Fosters Tce at 9am, figuring to do a lap or two then get O across for some.  Also, I had Jet the Dog with me.  And was hung-over from a bad night's sleep recovering from Nostalgia Fest.

Headed up from Fosters, steep wee climb, and then up the main drag 4wd track, encountering 3 guys who'd never been in there before.  My nose started bleeding near the top.  Took a while to staunch.  Pretty much met them at the top of it all and 'guided' them down the droppy ridge (top of Jackasaurus), then left over into Zombie Lurch.  The bottom end of this looked completely different to my memory.  Once we got on the climbing track, Sloanstar, I worked out where we were.  I reckon it's cos normally we've ridden in here in the afternoon, whereas in the morning the light was all wrong.  Steep bastard climb up Sloanstar, around and the couple of bits of down and more climbing through the fence around Sunnyside and across to the junction hub, ready for climb number 2.

Kinda meandered up with the boys again and we all set off from the top similar timing.  This time tho, they went a different way, content on finding their own ways, and we took the left hand from the top of droppy ridge, following on down Stormer, bombing down this one which was getting more familiar.  At some point this becomes Grommies, about half way down, then the swoopy fun continued, with me taking the nana line around the one big drop jump.  Back up Sloanstar, around and back to the hub.(other boys gone now).  I rang Otis at some point and he was bailing on me, on account of a sore ankle from rolling it at sports day on Friday.

A different group of guys were climbing this time (including a dude on a Taniwha, who was in a VERY low gear and crawling, using "it's my 3rd up" as an excuse.  "Oh, huh, same here," I said).  Hadn't even realised they were in there.  Up to the top again, this time heading down Jackasaurus again, off to the right, where there's the really steep cliffy drop-thru that I've yet to ride (today inclusive), followed by the cool 'cliff-face' that's fun to ride down.  Into Grommies, swooping and dropping, and this time Nelson slowed for the big drop, and I followed him over.  Not bad!  on through to the bottom.  And, ugh, back up the climb again.  Stopping along the way for Nelson to session the cliff-face drop.

Met T's old boss at junction point, and had a chat.  Then off for the final climb, this time taking Looper for an easier access to not far off the top.  Last blast down the ridge jumps, then down Lurch again, this time at higher speed and more funs.  I dropped everything smoothly this time.  Nearly lost it on one corner, and Nelson did the big trail-gap jump near the bottom.  Finally, climbing up and around, and back down to the cars, I was toasted.

A miniscule 8.78 kms ridden, with just on 600m of (very steep) climbing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday Night Pre-Meet Heat

Parked up Parkridge and beat my way up Britten.  Hard going to start with, I was really wheezy and struggling for air.  Also, it was hot.  Grass was very very dry.  Sheep all seemed surprised when I rode past them.  Headed around the top front, and then along towards the cutting, across the Summit Rd and over the fence for the climb up Mt Pleasant.  Getting into better form up here except for a few silly dabs on rocky corners.  Sat at the top of next to the Trig and watched a cruise ship depart the inner harbour.

Back on the bike and into the down.  Good run down, flowing nicely through the rocky sections then weaving well through the tussocky turns.  Dropped down the 4wd farmtrack to the Greenwood Entrance and rode up this towards the road.  Took me a second to see the 'new' lower track (above the road) that heads for the Richmond Hill pines, but once on it I tucked and wove my way down to the corner, then continued around the rest of it, climbing above Jollies Bush and up the zigs and zags towards Greenwood.

Into Greenwood, rocky bony bastard, but good flow and float, taking some of the top corners faster than the last few times.  Getting a bit tired across Gloomy, so took a short rest, before hitting the droppy down, pump and float, drop off the drop-off, and around into Dave's territory, heaps of speed, back and forth, around and pumping into the valley around for the final descending to the rocky up and out the bottom.  Excellent.

Onto the road, not long after 6.30, got my pace on and plodded away, puffing pretty hard.  Caught up to a couple of (I thought, older) guys, and one of them I knew from Hockey last year.  So, rode and chatted to them.  Their pace was just that little bit slower than mine so I got my breath back and had them puffing hard...  Rode and chatted all the way up the road to top of Mt Pleasant, where they took the road down and I hit Britten for an excellent blast down and across and down through the pylon steeps, back to the car dead on 7

16.6 kms and 580m climbed.  Not bad for a quick solo.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Hot Hunting Skool

Quick lap from Nelson's.  Another hot day, and he's recovering from a bad gastro thing.  He was on his XC whippetmachine due to a broken nipple on the GT.  We headed up his street, down the alleyway, along Centaurus, and up Major Aitken, figuring we might get some shade up here, which we did.  Up to the dirt, I was feeling pretty good, but even recovering from the bott he had more gain on me on the whippet.  Up the gravel, hottest section just before the gate below the pylons, with a smidgen of breeze kicking in beyond this.  The grass is dry up further, really dry.  Up the singletrack and over the fence.  Bit of a rest here, and decided where to go.  Dropped down the new line towards Old Skool, checking out whether it'd been weed-whacked or not.  It had, and that whacked grass was slippery.  We headed back up the 4wd track and on up the rest of the Huntsbury gravel to the Summit Rd.  Nearly a breeze up here, to cool on, and then we headed into the Traverse, me getting the lead on a slower old guy that Nelson got stuck behind. 

Into the fun descent, my rear tire still too hard from yesterday's pumping onto the rim.  But a good blast down here, jumping the jumpies, and bailing up on the new final gap-jump to check it out.  I walked back up further and re-rode it, cleaning it nicely.  Not so bad at all.  Next, down the paddock and through the upper section we'd already ridden.  Over the stile and on down the techy descents.  Unfortunately, a couple of these sections hadn't been whacked.  We took the second one that wasn't, and it was okay.  Into the lower drops and then into the off-camber zigs and zags, lots of overgrowth on these making it quite slow going. 

Now it was into the Old Skool proper.  Nice flowy fast fun.  I was quite coasty, not pushing it too hard pedal-wise, on account of tiredness and heat.  Blitzed out the bottom and then street time back to Nelson's.

Got home dead on 12 noon, and we headed for Lyttelton to catch the ferry to Diamond Harbour.  Had a lovely refreshing swim off the wharf as soon as we got over there.  Absolutely perfect.  Then walked around the Clifftop walk, and up to a shady spot near a band playing and had a couple of nice beers, followed by a swim at the end while we waited for the ferry again.

A baking 12.34 kms, with only 475 m climbed.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Saturday Sprung Hot Solo Living

Out on my own today.  Relatively limited time, and lots of heat, so chose the ride for shortness and shade.  Headed to Governors Bay and parked at the Living Springs Farm Park.  First time over here since my heat exhaustion just over a year ago...

Treadled up the valley and around into the Pines for the climb.  Nice and shady in here, so wasn't bad going.  Sure was hot tho.  Up through the Orange Rhyme, then through the gates above the Outdoor Ed centre and up through the gums into the douglas fir, climbing, walking a bit, very overgrown and lots of stinging nettle about.  Not so bad when climbing, but took note of any really sketchy bits.  Eventually made the ladder-stile, clambered over this and continued on up, into the open paddock, and up to the cabbage tree corner.

Rested in what shade I could glean and then headed downhill, back the way I'd come.  Fast blast through to the ladder, over this and bombed down, instantaneous plant recognition skills coming into effect.  "Is that a mahoe/kawakawa/foxglove or an onga-onga?" all the way down.  Ducking and weaving through them all, and positioning feet to avoid the low level ones. Not long and I was out tot he gums and down the field to the gates again.

Into Mississippi, back and forth like all the ss's in the name, around into the climb for Zanes and my back tire was weaving all over the place.  Stopped and pumped it up, then bombed on into it.  Fun and weavy, fast when I could, but visibility from all the overgrowth was tricky.  Stopped and pumped the tire again, and rode some more and out the bottom.  It was getting worse, but I wondered if I'd make it, so headed into Totara Valley (below Pines) and squirrelled my way down.  At the bottom I bit the bullet and flipped the bike, got the wheel out and chucked a new tube in.  Pumped it hard to get it seated, and go rolling, hot and bothered from the pumping.  Down down back to the car.
A measly, but steep, 7.8 kms, with a hot 289 climbed.

Got home and took the two boys out to Roto Kohatu for a nice fresh swim.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sunday Park Laps with the Boy

Took O to the park, we parked about 11, and Nelson wasn't far away so we did some drops in the skills area.  I 'e.t.a'd him and he was in the parking lot but had no pass, so headed home and we headed up the lift. 

Into the main entrance of Lord of the Possums, we bombed down, yumpity yump the way down.  Then into Jandal Handle, and more jumpy mumpy.  Fun times.  Out the bottom and there was Nelson, so off up the lift again.

This time, into Summit Connector.  I nearly lost it over the bars from a jump over some rocks that kicked my back end up too far, then not far further (on the grassy slope across to the Nun) Nelson flatted, front first, then we noticed the rear too.  So, I fixed his back holes in situ, and he did the front.  Got rolling again, taking the Gnarly Nun entrance across the nun down the droppy rocks, and then in the second whoopdedoo he flatted again, front wheel, nearly losing it off the side no less.  We needed to get going, so left him with my glue and left him to it.  Rocked on down the rest of the way, bombing Old Dyers.  I showed O the entrance to 3rd base, and we headed on round to Captain Cook and into Shredz.  He followed me down the first section then dropped onto Loess, while I continued down the rest of Shredz.  Good fang.

15kms, with 2 uplifts...

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday Night Eastern Meander

Met at Nelson's, changed into my biking gear and then had to patch my front tire - found a couple of poke-through gorse or thistle needles. Then we convoyed to McCormack's bay via a reasonably traffic free, but quite convoluted route.  Parked and hit the hill.

Up the valley, hot, and long grass.  Gobbled a few blackberries along the way.  Cleaned up to the 2nd hairpin, as usual.  Then after the bridge, a steep section before a little bridge stopped me, and I missed one hairpin in the top set.  Up the road and up through the wee reserve to Upper Major, and up very long grass, past a dead sheep and onto the usual Britten climb.  Sheep shit everywhere and I had to stop a couple of times to stretch my lower back.  It was really sore.

Around the top and bailed over the stile and up Broadleaf, climbing all the while, and my back killing me.  Big relief to be at the top.  Some nice views up here, with a bit of fog around

Then it was off and down, following Nelson and watching his back wheel getting knocked all over the place.  Good blast down the rocks, but tussocks and grass below these were overgrown and sheep were running ahead.  Popped on down to the ruins where Nelson stopped to clean up some stinky shit from all over his face.  Bleugh.

Fog was rolling up the hills, but cleared not long after.  Rest of the way down Greenwood was rocky as hell, bumpy and rough.  I did the drop jump properly for a change.  And chased hard on Nelson all the way down.

Next it was out the road and climbed, me struggling more with the ups and my back, up onto Godley for the fun, but fucking overgrown, blast back to Evans.  Held pretty tight on Nelson's tail down this.  Plenty fun.

Across Evans and bit of a pause at Captain - Nelson checking messages, then I led off.  Slowish start, through the overgrown top section, but once into the rocks my speed crept up, cleaning everything pretty smoothly, jumping, popping and grooving all the while.  Neeeaaarrrly made it up the climby bit, but just stalled.  Then it was cruising again, slowly increasing speed around the flatter section before fun times down the switchies into the cabbage tree detour and bombing out the bottom.  As we mounted the stile at the bottom the phone blinged a few times, and then riding down Sumnervale Ave we discovered why.  Wazza, Andy and Robin were just finished loading their bikes on cars, having just completed a loop 10 minutes ahead of us!

21 kms with a tough 718 m climbed.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday, Heated Hunts with a couple Park Laps

Met Steve, Wazza and Nelson (on his xc whippet) at the bottom of Ramahana.  Steve wasn't feeling up to the climb so he headed on around to the Park, whereas us three remainders headed up the hill.  Was hot and we were all in our black pfmtbc tees - good choice.  Made the top, and blatted around the Traverse, chatting with various peeps at various points.  Blat through the Thompsons, and across onto Old Dyers for a charging scream down this.  Noted that 3rd Base was Closed...  Decided on Loess Rider for a change, and had a great run down this, finding Steve at the bottom (having expected us about 15 minutes earlier (the time we'd spent yakking)).  Nelson headed home to collect his DH bike (not wanting to ride anything interesting on his noodly whippet), and so the other three of us headed up the lift.

Into Yeah Gnar, good bomb down here, then Possum, pop pop pop.  And into Handle the Jandal for a good floaty waft down all the jumps.  At the bottom Nelson was still a wee ways away, so we headed in for coffee (tea etc) and when we'd done he'd arrived.  The other two boys decided they were done, and headed home.  Nelson and me took the lift.  Into Summit Connector, lower GnarlyNun and it's fun rocks, then lower Nun, followed by Choirb, stopping at the now open 3rd Base.  I checked out the squirrel catcher.  Followed Nelson in and cleared it no problem, then the fun began  Awesome trail, exactly my kind (tho I skipped on the harder features).  Some pretty sketchy greasy spots in the steeps under darkness and wetness of the firs and eventually we made it out the bottom intact.  Fun times.

Decided I was done, and needed to get home, so rode back to Nelson's car, and I continued on down the road and around the streets and riverbanks to my car on Buxton.

Quite a big ride, leaving me pretty toasted. total of 33.5 kms, with 1369 altitudinal descent.  (minus the 2 uplifts giving me total 30kms ridden, and a naturally aspirated gain of 590m).