Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Hunted the Duncan

Parked and rode again. Up Rama Aotea, Vernon Witch and down Mary Duncan. Fricking overgrown as

Friday, November 16, 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday All Over the Show, Britten, Pleasant, Greenwood, Godley, Chalmers

Fam time visit, and O mowing the lawn again, so I rode from Joys.  Up the road, and up the walk track over the bathtub fence, then up Britten, around the front, across the road and up the zigs and zags to the top of Mt Pleasant.  Chatted to some peeps up here, then dropped into the fun down, rocking the groove.  Straight through and down Greenwood, making some of my best time ever I reckon, absolutely fanging it.  Brief pause after Gloomy, then on down, and dropping the drop properly for a change.  Down and around, keeping good pace the whole way and off the ground a lot.

Out the bottom through Evans Pass and headed out Godley Rd for a bit, enjoying the view and the nice day all the way, then thru the new bike-cattlestop at the gate we always use and up the farm track to the mtb track where I turned back towards Evans. Received a quick phone-call from Tra'y which informed me of changes of plans: they were off to Lyttelton.  I didn't commit, but said I'd be in touch when I was at a crossroads further up the hill.  I continued on down Godley to Evans, having a good bomb, finishing by passing a bunch of oldfolk walkers who were sitting down to lunch next to the walking track section just above the end/start of the track (which I was on).

Next, it was up the Summit Rd under Greenwood, good pace, watching the age old battle between a harrier and a magpie for a good while before Jollies Bush, then at the Richmond Pines, over the stile and into the climbing singletrack up to original Greenwood entrance.  Here I rang Tra'y and decided to go that way, so, rode in the old Greenwood entrance track, then up the 4wd track to the gun emplacements on top of the ridge.  Straight into the descent down the ridge walkway, cleaning more of the rocks below the stile than nighttime wetness in winter usually allows, and then at the saddle struggled to find Chalmers Track...

Found it, VERY overgrown, (closed, apparently) but headed into it, and man was it steep, at times entirely unrideable, and full of stinging nettle - every stop I'd find the nettle at face height, and millimetres from my elbows, knees, shins.

Amazingly, no stingings received, and lower down more riding than stumbling-avoiding-nettles, then out the bottom through a couple gates and the final super speedy bomb down the streets into the town for a delicious huevos rancheros at Lyttelton Coffee Co with the family.

An excellent, 20.5 kms, with a surprising 742 m climbed (but 900 descended due to starting the ride ~150 m higher than the finish).

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Wednesday Solo Cashmere Vic Skool

Straight from work, parked up top end of Bowenvale Ave and rode back down this, left, right, left into Holliss. Stopped up the first corner and lubed my chain which was sounding rather dry.  Then into the steep going, grinding up the road to the top, and into the steps, which I rode down for the first time ever.  Don't know what I was ever so cautious about...  Brief roll, then up the first steps, and then up more steps, resorting to carrying the bike on some of them.  Then, across Longhurst Pl into the singletrack climb, cleaned all but one of the hairpins higher up under the houses.  Good ride the rest up to the stile. Then the barbed-wire roots track up to the dog park, cleaning more of the rocks than I'd have expected, then and up thru Vic Park, through the skidder site, and up K2 climbing up to and through Brake Free finally all the way to the top. 6pm here.

Down thru a few of the Brake Free jumps, then back out and down to rock garden, into the Gummies, usual left on my fave, and rocking on through back to the Skidder.  Into Shazza's, bermy bermy jumpy jumpy, and down into Sneaky Ridge for a nice bomb down the rocks and jumps and oaks, over onto Bridges, and the Nu, back and forth into the valley bottom.  6.10pm here.

Into the climb up Hidden Valley bonus, cleaning it all, climbed into Old Skool for a fun last descent which went quite well, and spat me out the bottom back to the car before 6.30.  Very warm...

Another 10km loop (like Sunday), with 396 m climbed.  Hot stuff.

Grabbed a No.3 from Noodle Canteen and headed to band practice. Gig on Friday!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sunday Solo Short and Howlin' Windy

Short amount of time available to me before a 1pm band practice. Parked in Bowenvale Ave and headed down the road and around and up the Major Aitken.  Kept a pretty steady pace all the way, overtaking some dude (who I feel like I always see on Huntsbury), and up Kenmanure and on up Huntsbury to the top.  Up the gravel, still a good pace, and up onto the singletrack, then the rest of the grovelly way to the top.  Howling nor'wester on all the exposed parts.

Howling head wind across the Traverse, and then dropped into the fun jumpy trail down, wind nearly pushing me off and I definitely traveled sideways on the first jump.  Easy roll down the landing strip and left into the groovy droppy down to the stile.  Then on down, wind less of an issue, but really howling across these parts.  Cleaned it all down and in the lower switchbacks the thistles are really bitey.  Nasty fuckers just at the right height to spike the shins and forearms and knuckles.

Into the Old Skool, marginally slower on the headwind bits, and flowing across the tailwind bits.  Nice bomb in the lower reaches, tho pretty cruisy, then dropped into the vallybottom track and rolled on out.  Easy going roll down to the car.

A 10 km loop taking in 421 m of climb.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Pooch Britten Pleasant

O had the job of mowing Joy's lawn so I took him and Jet up there.  Jet and me headed up the roadways (with O on Joy's electric bike for a ways), then up Longridge and Clearview into Britten at the bathtub water trough. As I rode up the couple of zigs I saw a guy riding down above, so pulled over in plenty of time to let him by (and hold Jet out of his way), and lo it was Steve on his way down from leaving the boyz who were off down Greenwood. We chatted for a bit as a bunch of older very slow women (including my Physio - Carol) rode past.  Then we parted ways and I continued my way up.  Round the top front then along and across the road and up the relatively not un-Pleasant climb.

Bombed down into the trail, Jet in behind, tho once below the rocky sections me having to stop now and then to check he was catching up and just making sure he really wasn't interested in the sheep (he isn't).  Down across above the ruins (on the singletrack not the 4wd) and then across over onto the single track across above Jollies Bush, pumping through all this flowy stuff toward the Richmond Hill pines, holding up a couple of times for Jet to catch up.  Near the trees, headed on up the nice singletrack back up to the original Greenwood entrance, (struggling with Jet and that last cattlestop) then slowly up the road to the cafe water tap where I used the cup to pour water for him to lap up. 

Finally, last little bit of road, open the gate for Jetty, and into the bomb down Britten.  Flow flow flow, stop, wait, "good boy", flow flow flow, repeat a couple times, lastly bombing down the rocky section under the pylon and over the two stiles, then down to Major Hornbrook, slow pace, him just trotting now, across Madeley, around the corner and back down to Joy's.  Thirsty puffed doggy with a happier human.

11 and a half kms, with 388m gained.  Clever doggy!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Labour Day Fatty and Skinny View Hilling

Last day of a wonderful long weekend and Nelson came over to the bay for a ride. I had the fatty and he brought the 29er. Up to Chorlton on the seal then up the gravel. Steeper and steeperer. Lots of sun and heat. A break under the big pines in the shade, then onwards up the double fenced track.  Through the gate and up the grassy steep zig and zag to the top, just over an hour and a half all up. Awesome views all around; Kaikouras to the north, looming massive, and low sea cloud below us, out beyond the heads, and banked up on Godley, Taylors and Scarborough.

Made an adjustment to my suspension (released air from my tires) and then we turned around and bombed on down. Fun, but bumpy ride down the top section, extreme speed on gravel and screaming tires on seal, and 15 minutes or so after departing the top we cruised up the drive to the bach.