Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday crocodiled quarry

got a lift with Pete (and Alister and Brandon, his son and nephew respectively, in tow), off out to bottom of Halswell-that-ends-well Quarry. we were early, so he dropped us three at the top of the road and we jettisoned ourselves down the crock. nice wee blast down there with me tight on Alister's tail all the way. then he flatted on those rocks at the very bottom as we were about to make our way down to the car. made our way back to the road and the boys, Steve, Tony and Wayne had arrived, pete took off up with puncture repairs to Al who was walking.

tire fixed and off up the Rim Track to check out the earthquake damage on the quarry-face. wicked amount of damage. over and up to road, then on up to top of Siberia, nice wee climb up all the way and fun descent popping the roots. up 4wd track to gate and i chased Alister in, pushing him til he let me past and the blast was on. great run down newtasty with a couple of the corners really nearly getting the better of me, especially the last one that shoots you back towards the top of the crock, nasty big rut-trench on it.

into the croc for the final blast, absolutely fanging it. awesome trip down, raising the dust. group of cows in the way near the bottom, then railing the highsides of the berms, very nice work in there. up the grunt, regroup and off down again, and noticed a jumps area across in the trees that really need a trail in them.

said good-bye to the boys, then the young'uns, pete and me ventured forth to find the yumps zone... rode and walked up to check them out. well beyond any of our skills, so we went to the top and rode and rolled avoiding the gappage then back out the bottom.

home nice and early

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday untsbury averse lying un ictoria

nice wee ride this morning. trundled a tired ass over to Stevo's and Andro Wayno Mari-o and Tono were there to ride. Tono was on a new bike, another Abominable Snowman has joined the posse... Stevo and Pedro were off to Ruahoono to watch fuel being guzzled and rubber being converted into little pieces scattered across tarmac.

off up Huntsbury we cruised, a pretty good go made by all. up into cloudy tops, feeling good about pushing my unridden body up the hill. through the gates and over the fence and up to the top. off round the summit trail enjoying this track again after more than a month off. passed the same joggers a few times, each time them friendlily leaping out of the way, off down Thomsons to kiwi, blasting it.

up road, with a little discussion of the Gov'no's track, which Andro still has never done(!), as we passed, continuing to top of Marlo's. off down the Nun, having a great, tho cruisy, waft down there, coasting to slow speeds on corners, then powering out, all in all a good blast. Tono claiming the Kendo SmallBlock8s to be pretty good in most of these conditions, and him finding himself thinking there was little difference in ride between the old Shamus and his new Bigfoot, but actually going a darned sight faster.

regrouped at kiwi and off up to top of Vic Park, me receiving a 'get the fuck home now, you're late' call (even tho it was only 11), so off down into vic, over seesquaw, a few brakefro's and into the gummos down the recently enjoyed track and regrouping at the skidder site where i said my good byes and blasted off down Dazzo's, Brento's and Flow, passing a huge group of riders, into Bridgos, nuBridgos and down and out and home across town via a Dairy for milk and cream for a pav(!) by 11.40.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday evening Worsle Nunnage Vix 2 OldSkool

finally out for a ride. 3 weeks off the bike for many and varied reasons - a party at our place, a death of a friend, a trip to the bach and a week in Fiordland. with family time required around all of these.

drove over to Chris's and we headed across town, parking up in B.vale Ave. round the foot of the hills and up Worsley's we rode, me weak in the legs and struggling while Chris was pushing a cold. uneventful, dab filled struggle up the dirt with me walking more of the Body Bag than i've ever done, peaking out gasping.

the nun however was bliss. Chris led in but in the first of the big sweepy uppy corners he pulled off cos the scab-shield on his elbow was vibrating too sore, so he followed me at a nice flowy cruisy pace the rest of the way down to the kiwi, both of us really enjoying it.

up the road to Vic straight down to seesaw and brakefree and sesame st and dazza's and pono's and onwards, then cleaned up Hidden Valley (me stopping for a gasp of air between top switchbacks after nearly steering over the bank) and into the Old Skool. excellent blast down there, taking in an older new line half way down that neither of us had ridden for ages.

stopped for a couple of well earned pints, including a particularly hoppy Tall Poppy, at Pomeroys on the way home.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quick Tuesday nighter

only three of us tonight, Marie, Warren and me. met at Steve's and headed up Rapaki. Marie headed towards Vic from there, while Warren and me headed into the easterly, Witch Hill, up road to Castle Rock. allowed Laurence Mote, Ventana-beltdrive-Oli, and some other guy on a Reign in ahead of us, and i did my darnedest to keep on their tails, closing the gap on the descent, then them losing me on the climb. good run. on round the top to John Britten. off piste meandering down there then down the road and into McCormacks bay for a sweeeet run down through there. then finished with a good tail wind run round the back of ferrymead Warren peeling off and me cruising it to Steve's to the car.