Friday, July 29, 2005

Lurgy... and a crash, yeah!

blah, have had a dreaded lurgy for this past week or more. coughing like a coughing thing... last two days off work. Poor wee O has it too. greeeen goob oozing from his wee nose, and coughing little coughs.

stupidly, perhaps, went for a ride on tuesday night, me and the posse drove to Taylors, rode UP the Anaconda, then out Godley Head, then over and back down the snake. beautiful run, i still kicked all their asses even tho i was sick. heh heh... i crashed, first time in ages, and it was great. i've got a beautiful swirly multifacetted scrape/graze on my hip. dunno quite what did it, i think it was my handlebars. was screaming down the trail, into this big banked berm, and the front wheel just drifted out, the packed soil was very slightly damp on top and so slightly greasy, i began to lose control, couldnt keep it together, dabbed, tumbled... not really sure what happened. left some awesome marks on the trail, the tire tread skid marks, the foot scrape, the bit where my pedals dug in... first crash in a lonnnng time, so, twas good. i'd been getting faster and more loose for the last few months, and finally i hit the edge and so now i can step back from it and work my way back up to it again...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

well...all of june gone then

and now we're in july. Otis is just about a year old.

rode last night. rapaki, single track to kiwi, up track from there a bit, then back down, and down below dyers, up into vic, down dazzas and out down into bowenvale. nice spin. needed. cooooool fog rolling over the hill like a waterfall, very spectacular.

blah blah blah