Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hot Bottlo

Bit of an overhang today, so didnt make it out with the boys, who did what Nelson and me did on Tuesday.  Instead, in the early afternoon, H, Jet and me went out to Bottle Ache for a spin.  I had the singlespeed.  Was short and slow, on account of H being 6.  Turned right and went out to the beach, and then came back in the shortest route, via the pond where Jet had a nice swim.  Hot diggity dog day.

meanwhile, check out this perfect game of Snake...

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tuesday Guy Fawkes Eastern loop.

Nelson picked me up from Selwyn St and we negotiated the imbecilic rush hour across to Sumner, taking in the newly opened Causeway.  Dairy shut, Supermarket shut, grabbed something from the bakery then parked near Cave Rock, overlooking the beach.  Changed, and headed up the valley, into Sumnervale and the Captain Thomas.  Climb up here was dry dry dry, a far cry from the last few times we've tackled it.  met one rider on his way down on the lower section before the switchbacks and not a single other soul all the way up.  Usual rockies dabbed us out, and Nelson started putting a gap on me in the last stretch above the road hairpin.  My lungs and legs suffering in different ways.  At the road, we were Team Orange (both in orange tops) and there was a Team Green (all in green tops) of three heading onto the Godley.  Somehow at this point it was already 6.35pm...

Off up the road for a steady climb, bypassing the entrance to Greenwood at about 10-to, then on up round up Broadleaf, me falling straight down into granny on the gravel grovel, finally peaking out and resting.  While resting, up rides an old acquaintance Darryl, on a Nomad C with 180 floats, and carrying a full-face helmet on his bag.  Reason - practice for Dunedin and Cardrona Enduros, both of which require a full-face.  He donned the helmet and pads while we talked, and then a couple of riders with a Trail dog turned up, and i said "hah, trail dog" then the front rider said, "hi richard" and it was Tom and Matt, with Jake the dog.  Cool.  They'd come up Bridle Path from Lyttelton, over the Gondola and up, and were heading back down Chalmers Track.  Matt on a new bike to him, a Pivot.  Darryl took off and disappeared like a rocket, and Nelson and me headed off ahead of Jake, Tom and Matt, Tom staying pretty close all the way down, and me hot on Nelson's tail, following all his abrupt changes of direction and near-misses with rocks and tussocks.  They peeled off towards the gun emplacements for Chalmers, and we continued on down Greenwood, holding onto Nelson's tail reasonably well until rounding into Gloomy Gulch, when he started putting a larger and larger gap on me as i was getting sorer and sorer and slower and slower, til finally at our old rest stop i stopped and rested and he kept on blazing.  Once i got going again tho, i started to close.  Til i found him stopped just below where mad Dave was trackworking, and chat was had.  At this stage I could see Darryl finishing off his run into the bottom then changing out of the 'extreme' gear.  We got going again and I kept a good hold on Nelson til the rocky-ups, the first of which i juuuuust dabbed to keep balance, marginal momentum lost.  Flying down the swoopy bit after these rocky bits there was a guy coming up and he didnt quite get his back wheel up off the trail and i squeaked as i went past, juuust clipping his tire with my foot as i passed.  Rest of the way down was fast and fun, and i was sore and tired climbing the stile.

Across Evans and into Godley.  Crawled up the entrance and stopped to breathe and watch Nelson clean the rocky nightmare.  Then i tucked into it, and was juuuust about to fall/reach-out hand-dab, but didnt, and kept it moving and nearly lost it again, and made it out!  W00t!, first time in forever.  Continued on round and up to Nelsie and we carried on out, him gapping me more and more til eventually he was out of sight, me just toodling along struggling with tired legs (3rd ride in 4 days, no wonder!).  At the ridge/landing-strip(?) Nelson was waiting and took off as soon as i arrived, and it was INTO the wind along this section over the boardwalkies, and down into the wee valley then the fast section began and i was catching him and tight on his tail til he skid-scratched up a massive cloud of dust decimating my view of the trail for a second ploughing through and on down to Livingston.  I had to rest a sec here after the fence crossing and Nelson gapped me again, once again disappearing over the ridge ahead of me as i climbed.  He paused briefly before the descent which i was a bit sketchy on, til the final descent over PFMTBC Rock to Breeze.

7.55 here, as we entered Anaconda.  One of the best runs ever down here.  Super speed, superb control and blazing, swoopy swoop down and down, through and through.  In the tail i was getting sore again, and even had a near off, a rock throwing my front wheel up and me towards the bank, and me putting a foot out and my leg bending to halt me.  Got rolling again and this very bony trail bumped me every which way, then flying down into the paddock.

Attempted to get some water out of the drinking fountain, but was sweating faster than could drink, so got rolling up the hill.  Tired legs struggling, Nelson vanished from sight, so i just kept plodding on, then into the descent, aero-styles down to the hairpin and a car pulled out just as i was approaching.  I caught it up, had to wait a second then -pedal,pedal,pedal,pedal, flat out and over took it then back into aero-pos. and blasting down into the bottom corner, arse over the back for maximum brakeage, round and down to catch nelson outside Scarborough Fare.  Toodled along the water front taking in the attractive sunset and then being entertained by all the (soon-to-be) wasted youff on the beach for the Fireworks...  25mins, down Anaconda over to here, not bad.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Hunts Verse Worsle B World Club

Nelson picked me up and we drove to Steve's, to save our tires.  Wazza, Wayne, Tony, Andrew were all already there, and Pete and Marie and a guy from across the street from Steve's, Nick, turned up after us.  Steve wasnt riding on account of a possible broken arm from his offs on the Canaan.

Off round Hansen's Park and up Ramahana Aotea and onwards, we all cruised well.  Up the dirt of Huntsbury Nelson made a break for it and topped out way ahead of everybody else.  Parked up with him and hung out til the rest showed, and then it was off round the traverse.  Good pace round here, tail wind assist.  Lot of people about, including some runners that nearly took out a few of our group towards Vic Park.  Rocketted through to the top and regrouped before dropping into the Thomsons.

Off up the road past the Flying Nun, all good and Worsley's top, blasting down the Body Bag before a group of walkers could clutter the place up.  It was here I discovered we'd lost Nick back at the Kiwi...  Up the entrance to B-Line-ville and Nelson led us all through the original/classic rendition, down to the clifftop. I led the way into Wayne's World and we bombed down here, providing some interesting flow to the group.  Brief regroup before blazing into Fight Club, which was soo much drier than yesterday and as a result, faster.  No time flat and we were at the bottom.  Everybody happy, and discovered it was Pete's first time!  Here we spotted also that Nelson and my extension from Tommy's2 is being used, and observed some guys riding down it, tho the builders have made another exit.

Because we were in the vicinity and Pete hadn't experienced it, after the climb to the Junction, Nelson and me led him down Dave's (or ACJoint in my cloud).  The others opted out of this (remembering their last (and only) time).  Turns out they did the wee short shoot from just up the 4wd track, then went back up and did Fight Club again.

Dave's track was obviously very little used.  Pine needles everywhere, barely any sign of the track, Nelson leading the way, then me, and even then Pete had trouble finding the lines.  We all managed pretty much the whole trail barely any dabs, no offs, and a great run down the final chutes.  Granny gear engaged and the climb out started.  All good and some of the crap has been cleared in the clearing, but the steep digger track is still too steep on the long run.  Bit of a walk then rode on out, hearing, and then seeing the others up on Fight Club, we waited for them, and we all rode up and out together.  Blasting down the road, onto the wee sideline track, and on down for a coffee and Zeroes with all the crabon fibre sporting roadies, and split for home.  Great ride.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturday a.m. Party On! Excellent!

Quick one this morning with Jet.  Parked up top of Worsley's Rd and hit the climb about 8.30a.m.  Clambered up the trail, riding the tops of the slippery clay ridges all the way up.  One section my whole left side got drenched by last night's rain in the flowering broom bushes, as the was no where to escape to - a half metre deep rut keeping me from veering away from it to the right.  Met a few runners at various points, and there was plausible evidence of a previous bike through this morning.  Too slick to clean everything, but got a fair few bits i wondered about.  Tires picked up a fair bit of clay.  It's 11 days out from the trip, and all i've done is ride to work, so the legs felt pretty good; no gyp given. 

Seemed like no time and i was up the top of B-Line, as we call it, and heading very mellowly down through, assessing the slip, of which there was a fair bit;  roots, rocks and wet loam, a juicy mix.  Jet somehow knew which way I was intending on going, taking the right-hander into the 'classic' version.  Rolled down here, still taking it pretty easy, just kinda wafting along, boosting once or twice but really cruising.  Out onto the cliff top and stopped for the view.  Beautiful morning, mild, sunny.  Got moving off, over the bedrock into the trees, and just around the first corner, over the jumpy rock, and I notice a new looking trail off to the left.  Passed it by and got further down round the bend when I thought, no, I've gotta give it a look.  Back up the hill and into it, hmmm, a sign - "Waynes World".  I'm sensing a theme here - formative 90's movie titles, anyone?  Party on!  Excellent!

Starts out with an interesting, kinda rock garden, then flows off down getting near the internal 4wd track then edging round the hill under the classic.  Steep and slick in first shutes below the rocks, but then getting into the usual flow of off-camber goodness these hillside forests are renowned for.  A few pumpies over tree roots and eventually crossing the classic line and venturing into untapped slope.  A couple of nice long(ish) sections, one or two corners and features to keep you on your toes, and then you're into Fight Club, not far from it's start.  W00t!  Terrain becoming more familiar and this area's conditions slightly drier, speed increased.  New line above the fallen tree from last time and the rest of it was sweet, even the exit was super easy and smooth.  I think Nelson riding has improved my steep descending skills... hmm, i wonder how?  haha.

Into the climb and still just cruising, no real pain or effort to perform.  Jet happily trotting along too.  Into granny - 3 for the corner and then - 2 for the first bit up to that hole, then down a couple for the rest past the old exit and on up.  At the Junction, I raised my seat a smidge and headed up the internal 4wd track with another lap in mind.  Under the pylon met 3 riders resting, including one of those ASP bikes (not sure if it was the maker, Rich, on it).  Continued my granny slog up, all the way back up to the cliff top.  Legs felt awesome, not struggling on anything.

Out on the cliff top and back into it again.  This time saying hey to the guys as i was hussing past after the 'wrock garden' and flowing on down, Jet in behind for all of this, getting along at a nice speed, buttoning off for the expected sketchy bits, and coasting or roosting back up to speed, til the tiny climb after the fallen tree Jet took the lead and then proceeded to just about get in my way the rest of the way down.

Final climb, still easy, txt from Steve at the corner re: tomorrow's ride, and on up and out, down, finding a tree across an old line, and another new line taking you further out for a direct shot through clear of the watertank thereby missing that mucky section, and down through the final swoops before hitting back out down the main drag to the car, somewhere around 9.40a.m., perfect timing for the rest of the day.