Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturday a.m. Party On! Excellent!

Quick one this morning with Jet.  Parked up top of Worsley's Rd and hit the climb about 8.30a.m.  Clambered up the trail, riding the tops of the slippery clay ridges all the way up.  One section my whole left side got drenched by last night's rain in the flowering broom bushes, as the was no where to escape to - a half metre deep rut keeping me from veering away from it to the right.  Met a few runners at various points, and there was plausible evidence of a previous bike through this morning.  Too slick to clean everything, but got a fair few bits i wondered about.  Tires picked up a fair bit of clay.  It's 11 days out from the trip, and all i've done is ride to work, so the legs felt pretty good; no gyp given. 

Seemed like no time and i was up the top of B-Line, as we call it, and heading very mellowly down through, assessing the slip, of which there was a fair bit;  roots, rocks and wet loam, a juicy mix.  Jet somehow knew which way I was intending on going, taking the right-hander into the 'classic' version.  Rolled down here, still taking it pretty easy, just kinda wafting along, boosting once or twice but really cruising.  Out onto the cliff top and stopped for the view.  Beautiful morning, mild, sunny.  Got moving off, over the bedrock into the trees, and just around the first corner, over the jumpy rock, and I notice a new looking trail off to the left.  Passed it by and got further down round the bend when I thought, no, I've gotta give it a look.  Back up the hill and into it, hmmm, a sign - "Waynes World".  I'm sensing a theme here - formative 90's movie titles, anyone?  Party on!  Excellent!

Starts out with an interesting, kinda rock garden, then flows off down getting near the internal 4wd track then edging round the hill under the classic.  Steep and slick in first shutes below the rocks, but then getting into the usual flow of off-camber goodness these hillside forests are renowned for.  A few pumpies over tree roots and eventually crossing the classic line and venturing into untapped slope.  A couple of nice long(ish) sections, one or two corners and features to keep you on your toes, and then you're into Fight Club, not far from it's start.  W00t!  Terrain becoming more familiar and this area's conditions slightly drier, speed increased.  New line above the fallen tree from last time and the rest of it was sweet, even the exit was super easy and smooth.  I think Nelson riding has improved my steep descending skills... hmm, i wonder how?  haha.

Into the climb and still just cruising, no real pain or effort to perform.  Jet happily trotting along too.  Into granny - 3 for the corner and then - 2 for the first bit up to that hole, then down a couple for the rest past the old exit and on up.  At the Junction, I raised my seat a smidge and headed up the internal 4wd track with another lap in mind.  Under the pylon met 3 riders resting, including one of those ASP bikes (not sure if it was the maker, Rich, on it).  Continued my granny slog up, all the way back up to the cliff top.  Legs felt awesome, not struggling on anything.

Out on the cliff top and back into it again.  This time saying hey to the guys as i was hussing past after the 'wrock garden' and flowing on down, Jet in behind for all of this, getting along at a nice speed, buttoning off for the expected sketchy bits, and coasting or roosting back up to speed, til the tiny climb after the fallen tree Jet took the lead and then proceeded to just about get in my way the rest of the way down.

Final climb, still easy, txt from Steve at the corner re: tomorrow's ride, and on up and out, down, finding a tree across an old line, and another new line taking you further out for a direct shot through clear of the watertank thereby missing that mucky section, and down through the final swoops before hitting back out down the main drag to the car, somewhere around 9.40a.m., perfect timing for the rest of the day.

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