Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Hunts Verse Worsle B World Club

Nelson picked me up and we drove to Steve's, to save our tires.  Wazza, Wayne, Tony, Andrew were all already there, and Pete and Marie and a guy from across the street from Steve's, Nick, turned up after us.  Steve wasnt riding on account of a possible broken arm from his offs on the Canaan.

Off round Hansen's Park and up Ramahana Aotea and onwards, we all cruised well.  Up the dirt of Huntsbury Nelson made a break for it and topped out way ahead of everybody else.  Parked up with him and hung out til the rest showed, and then it was off round the traverse.  Good pace round here, tail wind assist.  Lot of people about, including some runners that nearly took out a few of our group towards Vic Park.  Rocketted through to the top and regrouped before dropping into the Thomsons.

Off up the road past the Flying Nun, all good and Worsley's top, blasting down the Body Bag before a group of walkers could clutter the place up.  It was here I discovered we'd lost Nick back at the Kiwi...  Up the entrance to B-Line-ville and Nelson led us all through the original/classic rendition, down to the clifftop. I led the way into Wayne's World and we bombed down here, providing some interesting flow to the group.  Brief regroup before blazing into Fight Club, which was soo much drier than yesterday and as a result, faster.  No time flat and we were at the bottom.  Everybody happy, and discovered it was Pete's first time!  Here we spotted also that Nelson and my extension from Tommy's2 is being used, and observed some guys riding down it, tho the builders have made another exit.

Because we were in the vicinity and Pete hadn't experienced it, after the climb to the Junction, Nelson and me led him down Dave's (or ACJoint in my cloud).  The others opted out of this (remembering their last (and only) time).  Turns out they did the wee short shoot from just up the 4wd track, then went back up and did Fight Club again.

Dave's track was obviously very little used.  Pine needles everywhere, barely any sign of the track, Nelson leading the way, then me, and even then Pete had trouble finding the lines.  We all managed pretty much the whole trail barely any dabs, no offs, and a great run down the final chutes.  Granny gear engaged and the climb out started.  All good and some of the crap has been cleared in the clearing, but the steep digger track is still too steep on the long run.  Bit of a walk then rode on out, hearing, and then seeing the others up on Fight Club, we waited for them, and we all rode up and out together.  Blasting down the road, onto the wee sideline track, and on down for a coffee and Zeroes with all the crabon fibre sporting roadies, and split for home.  Great ride.

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