Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday's *800th post!*, Desolation of Smaug, ahem, McLeans, with Jet and my older boy

Weather appalling on Saturday, so hill tracks likely to still be mucky, so apparently no one was riding, so O and me headed out with Jet to McLeans Island.  Lonnng time since I'd been out here (nearly 3 years).  Boy has it changed.  Usual route, and first thing I noticed was that the whole first section has been logged, so no longer are we riding through forest, but desolate open spaces.  Same went for the next bit you head down into after riding along then up the stopbank...  All young trees (6ft or so already).  Madness.  Completely changes the feel of the place, and old landmarks of big trees are gone, and views across the expanses are totally different to the past.  I was on the Klunker, which was fun.  Grips like a grippy thing, and the wide bars are awesomesauce.  Obe's cruised well, lagging behind a bunch, and Jet just galloped along happily at our speed the whole way.  We did the main loop then the Coringa extra 5kms and then back to the car.  54 minutes riding time total, 15kms with a staggering 60m of altitude...

Just realised, also, that this is this blog's 800th post!!!  Happy post century, blog.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Short'n'Fat to Planting

Early start, meeting 8.05 at Steve's, so after a bit of a night I wasn't feeling 100% but hauled ass across to his place on the Fat and arrived to find Tony, Wazza, Wayno and Steve.  Followed shortly by Pete and Matt (on Pete's 575).  Off we treadled through Radley, Marshall, and through to the Heathcote Cut and under the motorway and at a cracking pace set by Wayno round the tow path round the back of Ferrymead to meet Andy and Jenna at the bridge.

Up St Andrews and Steve was suffering badly, not doing well.  We all waited for him a few times as we progressed up the hill. Marama, then Major Hornbrook all the way.  Up through the park and up Clearview and Ridgeview to the Upper Major.  Steve had had enough and headed down to the Planting, to bail from that too.  Poor fella.  We all boled on up Britten to the top, and then took the trail around the top of it.  Once back at the trees, I 'adjusted my suspension', let a few psis out of my tires, then off we headed back down at a fun bouncy pace, me really enjoying the fat bike.  On down past the stile and then tucked into the wee singletrack down from here, then over the fence and down Ridgeview into the steep wee zig zag to Mt Pleasant Rd, then my tires screamed as we flew down to Craigieburn Pl - reaching 56 kph.

Into the McCormacks zig zags, walking the first steps then overcooking a couple of corners (especially the 2nd to last one cos I thought the previous had been the last one) and on down, careful on the new bridges down here with their tight little knob-ends, and meeting a few walkers and dogs on the way down, surprising a couple of them...  lots of friendly apologies, but no too much disharmony, then bombing down the last stretch, reaching a scorching 51 kph.

Finally, around the McCormacks bay onto the Causeway, and winding up the speed behind Pete, my big SUV tires screaming on the tarmac.  Still had a heap of time before the planting, so at Ferrymead bridge back onto the Tow Path and we bombed around this, ducking out between some buildings across the road from Waterman Place, into the back of Charlesworth and so many trees did we plant and sausages did I eat.

At 12 o'clock, I needed to get going, so hightailed it straight down Linwood, home...

All up pretty much 30kms and amazingly just about 500m climbed.  Not bad for a fatty.  Managed to get 3 metres below sea level too!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday night CaptleyConda

Met at Nelson's work and drove to Scumner, parking down by the water.  Got riding at 6.15, straight up Wakefield and into Sumnervale.  Up Captain Thomas, chuffing and wheezing, but managing most bar the usual walky rocks.  Eventually we made the top and headed for Godley.  Both failed the first rocks, so tried again, and again, and again, til finally I got it, but Nelson still didn't but on we rode.  Nelson gapping me as we climbed, the techy rocks making for interesting times.  Lots of wind at times, but not everywhere.  Over the top and around and brief break eating and admiring the view, then I headed off down in the lead, bombing and weaving nicely down and around and down to Livingston Col, my handlebar light cutting out on the way.  Unplugged, replugged, and all good.  Into the climb away from the col and Nelson spotted something in the grass, a nice light.  On up, Nelson getting way ahead, but I was happy with that cos of the dust being picked up by the wind.  On round and less wind, tail wind in fact, on the down and around, over the rock and down to Breeze Col. 

Nelson faffed with his jockey wheel then off up and around, on the skinny track above the road, around, me in the lead, keeping it real on the skinny skinny trail, then climbed up to the Breeze Bay track.  Nelson took off, flying around it, while I took it pretty easy.  Someone has put a backside on the rock we built the entry ramp to.  Then on the final down hill bits, towards the stile, they've grubbed out the ruts, wrecking the track a bit. 

Across to Anaconda, and Nelson led in.  I soon backed off on account of the dust, which was really bad.  So, had a solo ride down, my own pace, pretty quick, but no where near as quick as Nelse.  I was only about half way through the 'tail when I saw him heading across the carpark in Taylors...  Not long later, so was I.  Next, up the road, no cars did we meet, til right at the top, where we headed down into Nicholson, and found a steep downhill I'd spotted on Monday, taking this and bypassing a good portion of concrete steps.  One tiny section of 2 hairpins and we were on the alley way that led us out to Whitewash, then down here onto the road and finally along the Esplanade, dodging the waves - sea was HIGH and big.

18 kms, and over 600 climbed.  At 8.45 pm, we'd just grabbed our dinners and were leaving when the 4.7 hit.  Felt like a loud vibration, and a bottle fell off a shelf at the restaurant, and an alarm went off too...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday - The long way to dinner

Not really a valid ride, but kinda was...  Dinner at Joy's in Taylors, so, rode there from work, on the Troll - via Whitewash Head, Flowers Track and Nicholson Park...  rode up Whitewash to the path way that cuts back through the houses to Flowers Track, then up a few zigs and steps of that, then across and up through Nicholson, before the cooling rush down into Taylors...

apparently 248 m...  not sure how that happened...  and 16.5 kms.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday morning Jet meander

Tried to be an earlyish start, but by the time I'd parked up top of Huntsbury I didn't actually get rolling til just after nine.  Jet galavanting around me, we cruised up the main drag for a start, then at the cattlestop we cut through the gate and up the jumpy track then over the gate and into shitsville, rolling up the singletrack to the fence and up the landing strip, on up gravel to the top.  Jet took the cattlestop too quick and just about broke his leg!  Over Vernon, fanging it, then waiting for Jet while uphillers passed be by then fanging it again.  Through Crapaki top and into the Witch, nice techy climb through the rocks, cleaning all.  Around the front and down to the road.  Jet was getting tired already, but we kept going.

Cruised up the road to the Castle and an old colleague caught up on a roadie, then I directed a Santa Cruz rider onto the singletrack.  We followed, Jet navigating the cattlestop very carefully.  Speeeeed through the entire top section, rolling really smoothly, feeling good.  Held up for Jetty, then onwards down to the first hairpin, at excellent speed.  The Santa Cruzer was lost here, but I told him "this way" and he headed off ahead.  Jet and me followed.  Good climb out and then over back to the road.

Jet and me cruised up the road here, me keeping him in check on account of the speeding roadsters flying past at various times.  Took our time, me not wanting to wear him out.  At the top of Castle again I waited a bit while a runner cleared off the Tors track, then we headed up the walking track to it.  Awesome downhill this, techy as all get up at the bottom, which I cleaned all but one dab round the worst bit, and on down to the road again.  Now it was onto the singletrack just above the road.  Climbed up the first bit and at the top on the techiest rocky-over bit, my handlebar clipped the fence on the right causing the me to topple off and over to the left, tumbling down the bank, above a precipice above the road.  I managed to stop my fall by strategically smacking my left (already sore) knee on a rock, then turned expecting the bike to tumble after me.  Thankfully it didn't.  Picked myself up and untwisted the bars, and straightened the brake lever and got rolling again, sore knee really starting to smart now.  The sore knee that's been a sore knee for a while now...  nothing new there, I guess.  On round the singletrack, catching a guy and a dog, so we took to the road and then Witch Hill, on up and round and down through Rapaki.  Stopping here to give Jetty a drink and having a nice long look around...

Up Vernon, climbing okay, knee coping.  Then around the Traverse for a start then down through the tussocks, off piste the whole way to the landing strip, bomb down here, over the fence, round the singletrack, over the gate, jumpy jumpy down hill, stopping and waiting for Jet now and then, then over the final stile to the car...

15.5 kms and over 600 m climbed...

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday night Worsley Nun Gov's

Usual pickup outside work, 5.20 or so, and we cruised the streets, not really knowing where to go, then deciding on Worsley's...  Old Skool Stylez, up the main drag all the way, checking out the 'security' on the new Park.  Looks to me like people have been accessing the old route in at the top, but.  Not us.  Up the BodyBag, chuffing, then top of Nun for a break.  Dude we'd met in the back in January, Quetty, rolled up and he remembered us and we remembered him, and we chatted for ages.  Then Nelson and me headed off, with me eating Nelson's dust the whole way, no matter how far I backed off...  Struggled with that, so not such a great run, but some fun had.  On down the whole way all the way to the bottom - no flats this time, yay, then up the road to the upper entrance for the Governor's Bay trail.  Off down this, nice smooth run down, tho at times corners were hard to see round due to bushes...  Into the climb, manageable, but a couple dabs, and only one really bad one on the steppy rocks near the top.  Cleaned the final grunt tho, which is a first for a very long time. 

Up the road again, this time all the way up to top of Nun again for a second go at the top section.  I led the way in this time, and Nelson gave me lots of gap for the dust, and I had a mint run, jumping stuff I hadn't on the first, and cleaning berms better and all sorts of good stuff.  Off at the carpark and back up, this time on the walking track above the road.  Nice climb up this, a few steppy walking bits, but mostly bloody good, including the last steeeep bit before it levels off and descends a bit...  Up Worsley's Rd, and over down the Bodybag.  Ducked into the forest a little further down on the left and found some un-ridden trails, massive stupid jumps in them, but lots of rideable stuff, and found spraypaint markings for future trails(?), and eventually arrived where I thought we would, and took the 4wdy trail the rest of the way out, tho peeled right at the clearing below the pylons, and walked up then got into the jumpy trail in the trees here, then peeled out of it at the big clearing (old entry to Guts track, / junction) and over the fence onto the lower finishing trails (which are actually outside of the Park's gambit).

14kms all up, with 555 m in altitudinalities.