Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday night CaptleyConda

Met at Nelson's work and drove to Scumner, parking down by the water.  Got riding at 6.15, straight up Wakefield and into Sumnervale.  Up Captain Thomas, chuffing and wheezing, but managing most bar the usual walky rocks.  Eventually we made the top and headed for Godley.  Both failed the first rocks, so tried again, and again, and again, til finally I got it, but Nelson still didn't but on we rode.  Nelson gapping me as we climbed, the techy rocks making for interesting times.  Lots of wind at times, but not everywhere.  Over the top and around and brief break eating and admiring the view, then I headed off down in the lead, bombing and weaving nicely down and around and down to Livingston Col, my handlebar light cutting out on the way.  Unplugged, replugged, and all good.  Into the climb away from the col and Nelson spotted something in the grass, a nice light.  On up, Nelson getting way ahead, but I was happy with that cos of the dust being picked up by the wind.  On round and less wind, tail wind in fact, on the down and around, over the rock and down to Breeze Col. 

Nelson faffed with his jockey wheel then off up and around, on the skinny track above the road, around, me in the lead, keeping it real on the skinny skinny trail, then climbed up to the Breeze Bay track.  Nelson took off, flying around it, while I took it pretty easy.  Someone has put a backside on the rock we built the entry ramp to.  Then on the final down hill bits, towards the stile, they've grubbed out the ruts, wrecking the track a bit. 

Across to Anaconda, and Nelson led in.  I soon backed off on account of the dust, which was really bad.  So, had a solo ride down, my own pace, pretty quick, but no where near as quick as Nelse.  I was only about half way through the 'tail when I saw him heading across the carpark in Taylors...  Not long later, so was I.  Next, up the road, no cars did we meet, til right at the top, where we headed down into Nicholson, and found a steep downhill I'd spotted on Monday, taking this and bypassing a good portion of concrete steps.  One tiny section of 2 hairpins and we were on the alley way that led us out to Whitewash, then down here onto the road and finally along the Esplanade, dodging the waves - sea was HIGH and big.

18 kms, and over 600 climbed.  At 8.45 pm, we'd just grabbed our dinners and were leaving when the 4.7 hit.  Felt like a loud vibration, and a bottle fell off a shelf at the restaurant, and an alarm went off too...

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