Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top of the South, Final, homeward bound, Day: Browning, (can ya) Hackett?

Wednesday 23rd, packed up and hit the road, most continuing on to Chch, with our car (Nelson, Pete and me), Mark and Marie, and The Boyz, cruising the 12kms up Aniseed Valley Rd, to the Hackett Picnic area.  Great swimming holes, and easy trail in to a big swing bridge then up through some rocky-ass Mineral Belt and trail getting more interesting climbing, with some massive exposures to the gorge below, to an intersection - left for Browning, right for Hackett.  Marie went for the right, the rest of us off up the trail towards Browning Hut.  Some good bits, clean river crossings, sweet sweet singletrack, more rivercrossing - sluiced out mess of a river with boulders the size of houses, rooms and cars that'd been tumbled about by the floods of months previous, then rideable and unrideable steepness, roots, rocks, and much interestingness.  Eventually, the hut was gained, at 480 m. Food was eaten, and sweat squeezed from doo-rags.

Descent.  I headed off first, just wanting to get moving, and had a great time.  Roots, rocks, all rideable down; shutes, blazing trails, took absolutely no time whatsoever to get down, first to the sluiced out riverbed, bit of a climb out of this, then onwards down.  Sweet.

Took the left towards Hacket, forming a triangle of trails, and a grunty wee climb led to a wee saddle, with sweet descent to a gravel filled streambed, then loads of pig rooted ground and eventually to the hut.  A couple of hunters in residence, brief chat, then onwards chasing Marie.  Bit of trail re-arrangements in here, due to slippage and sluicing of rivers, through a strangely placed block of douglas fir.  Back onto the trail we'd climbed and on down, blasting all the way.  Lovely.  Met Marie in the mineral belt zone, riding back up towards us cos she'd enjoyed that section of the trail so much.  From here it was an easy blast back to the bridge then the open trails back to the car.

Into the river and cold water working on worn out legs was gooooood.   On the road about 2pm, and home to the flatland smaug city by 7.

Top of the South, Day 5: 629, rain, Codgers

Txting with Ian who'd taken me up top of 629 last time (then up Sunshine and down Peaking), we arranged to meet at the bottom Tuesday 22nd, at 9.30.  Only a few takers for this trail, which Ian assured me had changed somewhat and wasnt as bad as it used to be...  The takers were, Pete, Nelson, Mark, Alistair, Nico and me.  The rest of the crew went off up Sharlands Rd, and down R&R etc.  We saw Stu riding into Sharlands as we passed.

Ian took us up the track we'd finished on the day before, which was a nice gentle climb and around the pipeline track to the first forestry road off up to the right.  This immediately kicked in as granny steep then walking, around a corner, a little riding then more walking, Nelson pretty much cleaning it all.  Alistair was struggling with the weighty Diablo.  Up and up we went, a few pinches, a few ridings til we got to Bob Taylor Rd where Nelson was waiting for us and we had  good rest.  A few spits of rain were starting to threaten, but they held off for a while anyway.  On up through the forest (a section very similar to the steep in McVicars), and onto the fire break.  Nelson cleaned the first bit, i got a fair bit, Pete did pretty good.  Nico put in a damned fine effort.  Otherwise we walked some, then some more further up.  Eventually we made the top of this bit, quick descent then up the last bit to top of hill, 629m above sea level.  We'd started at about 100.

Into the descent, first Ian, then Nelson, Pete, Mark, me, and Nico.  All good to start, steep and rooty, no worries.  Following Mark and seeing the others ahead cleaning everything made it all possible.  A couple of sections came up that were just so steep, even Mark hesitated, which put me off and to stay safe, i walked down them.  Cleaned up heaps more tho.  Then the last bit before the road had a heinous rocky drop, with a rideable line but i only saw the drop, and had major trouble even walking down it...  Ian warned us about the entry to the next section, and sure it was steep, but we all rode in and cleaned it nicely.  Down into the bush, more steepness, then out into the recently logged and replanted open area.  Ian warned us of "a series of three switchbacks" which were actually like a squiggly bit down a cliff...  anyway, i walked these, then cleaned up heaps more with only one or two more walky corners.  the rest of the trail rode really well, and was much fun.  Nelson somehow crashed off a couple times.  Lower down it got back into bush and was awesome.  then crossed the main track and shot down briefly below and then out across the bottom and onto the road.  All up, about 2 and a half hours?  2 of which were climbing.

We drove down the valley and passed the others' cars and txts were sent as we went to Sprig and Fern on Milton St for beers and takeouts from next door.  The rain set in good and proper by now too, pishing down for the afternoon.

In the evening the rain stopped in time, so a good sized group of us, minus Steve, Robin, Mark and Marie, and the boyz, met Norm and some other locals in town for a quick blast up in the Codgers area.  Rode up Codgers, Pipeline, Jack's.  then up to top of Sharland's Hill, and down Firball, which was a hoot.  quite greasy in places, from the rain, then across and down P51, and down and out.  then to Sprig and Fern Hardy St for a couple beers.  I picked up Noodle Canteen on way home and feasted.

Top of the South, Day 4: Copperminding our P's & Q's

Monday 21st dawned fine and sunny, AGAIN, and it was a slowish start, i think roughly 9.30ish departure, riding through to and up the Brook then into the Codgers area around and up to Tantragee and on up round the Dun Mountain track.  Gentle and easy going it is and we made the 300 odd metre picnic table in pretty good time.  Onwards again and eventually getting to the Third House.  I was quite tired by this stage, feeling the effects of 3 solid rides and lack of resting or eating.  Arse and feet and hands had been getting numb(ish) on the way too.  Eventually the rest of the crew cruised in and we rested and talked smack for a while.  Nice hot day, lots of sun.

Back into the forest and onwards up, not too far, only a few kms to the opening out of the mineral belt, and on up to a very windy aptly named Windy Point.  Cooling us down nicely.  Great spin round from here to Coppermine Saddle for another rest in the sun.  I'd had enough of sitting around, so got going, figuring if anyone was gonna catch me up the could.  Nelson dropped in behind me and seemed happy enough to hang in there for a while.  Quite a blast this downhill.  Cant really let it all hang out because of traction issues in the corners, and not really knowing what's coming up next.  But, still, a good speed on and down we went.  At about the 10 minute mark, my hands were getting sore, and my back was aching, so i pulled up for a bit of a rest and stretch.  Not long after we stopped Alistair and Nico turned up, with Nico in agony, having only about 50mms of useable travel and crappy brakes he was having to hang on hard to.  Nelson led off and i followed, with Alistair on my tail.  He seemed happy enough there.  From the sounds of it, Nico held back for a good while, til the others turned up.  Nelson set a good pace, and Alistair and me held on, letting him set the speed, which grew and grew and grew as we entered the taller scrub, then forest.  Massive blast down here, eventually through a couple of fast tight corners onto a boardwalk into a corner for a bridge, then super fast blast down the walking track from here.  At one point, with Nelson a safe distance ahead, i came over a jumpy rise and he'd disappeared!  I thought, "where the fuck is he?" "oh, there he is" his smiling face off to the right of the trail.  He'd hit the air, and ended up off the track, braking hard through the ferns.  Not much further down here we left the forest onto an open 4wd track and pulled up for the regroup.  A few minutes went by and the others started rolling in, Pete first i think, then most of the rest in reasonably quick succession.

From here, it's a blast down the 4wd trail, past the bottom of Peaking Ridge, then through a creek, climb out of that, then past Bob Taylor Rd onto the singletrack again, with a small section reminiscent of Cullens, then past the bridge and onwards along the pipeline track.  But, Mark and Marie went ahead, as did the boys, but Pete had had a blow out further back so Nelson and me cruised back to see what was up.  All good got rolling again and the last blast round the Pipeline then down the new section that wasnt finished last time i'd been round here, which was awesome.  Nice finishing blast through pines and then into the bush at the bottom of 629.

Finished with road, then Maitai bikepath all the way back to town.  Nelson and me went for a feed at Akbaba's and then joined the others at Sprig and Fern on Hardy St, bikes all hung out front.  Couple of pints easing the weariness in our limbs.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Top of the South, Day 3: Invol(untary Evol)utions

We weren't convinced that the logging had finished in the Barnicoat, so Sunday, 20th Oct, morning we ventured forth.  7.5kms from camp, via Railway Reserve, Bishopdale hill and the Ridgeway and up the Marsden Valley to the start of a very very very long hot climb...  Normal people ride up the forestry roads on the righthand side (true left) of the valley.  Indeed, Stu and i did that last time i rode this.  it took an hour, in granny, to reach the top.  We, under guidance from Mark and Marie, and due to the hotness of the sun, openness of the forestry roads, and shade provided by the bush, decided to ride UP the Involution trail.  Granted, it is officially a 2 way track...  but riding up it?  Anyway.  We made it.  There were only a few corners we didnt clean.  Some cleaned nearly all of the track, indeed, i wonder if Nelson and Mark did actually clean it all...  So, a couple and a half hours after we started, numerous regroups, snacks, breaks, we were at the top.

The top section reminded me of sections of Wakamarina, lots of roots, quite steep.  But once you're down into the forest it's totally different.  Lots of exposure lower down.  Had an awesome run down.  Couldnt believe how fast familiar bits came back to us.  When i'd ridden it with Stu originally, i'd felt like the descent took ages cos nothing was familiar and i never really knew how much further to go.  But it seemed a lot shorter this time because of recognising all the places we'd stopped, or that log across the trail, or there - where we'd moved the log off the trail, etc.  So with one brief stop about a third from the bottom to give the hands a rest from the brake control, away we sped on down and in about the 4th to last corner i was soooo close to losing i really thought i had, til a miniscule weight shift got me back on track.  Nico apparently had at one stage looked down to shift gears and looked up to find himself off the end of a hairpin...

bit of a regroup at the bottom of the main section and most of us blasted off into the lower section, only to be grabbed by the helmets or backpacks by a fallen manuka.  then a couple of wee creek crossings later out to the road.  Blast down, my back tire on a slow deflate.  Stopped about 5 times to pump it up on the way back to base.

Top of the South, Day 2: Canaan Rameka'd

Early departure from camp at Marahau, Saturday 19th, and we convoyed up KaWhaka Hill, with a small issue with Alistair's car, that Pete took over the driving off to test and was actually fine.  At Canaan turn off we pulled up and found Norm, Keith (and i think that other guy who's name i didn't catch).  Then 4 vehicles, driven by Nelson, Pete, Andrew and myself, hooned down the other side into Takaka to meet the shuttle.  Introductions made and bikes loaded, a few locals filling up the seats, and up we headed, and in the Canaan Rd to the saddle and onwards down the hill, over the cattlestop and parked up where the grasslands begin.  The four of us were chasing so we left our hosts and headed onwards, staying on the road right through to Harwoods, i think about 30-45 mins behind the gang.  Met Alistair and Nico here at the carpark - they were just going to do the short loop, and they told us the others were doing half the long loop, back via the 2nd half of the short.  So, off we climbed.

Ground up to the Rameka turn off and onwards, not really remembering this from '09 when we did it on the soaking Golden Bay trip.  Climb got really grindy, for a bit, but all pinches were cleaned before the descent (which had held onto Steve's front wheel earlier), which at times was interesting to say the least.  Just prior to a wee creek crossing I heard a clicky clicky from my drive train and didnt think too much of it, but as i put the power on out of the creek >SNAP<...   bah.  Chain tool jobby couldnt fix it so Pete donated a quicklink which got me going again, albeit, from here on out not giving my chain quite so much torque.  About 5 minutes later Nelson flatted so we stopped for that too.  Then the chase was on, as we hit the saddle we could see some of our group ahead.  Reeled them in, on some fun trails, one or two sections across this face were the best bits there was, neat wee gnarl swooping through forest, into a few wee creek crossings, so well made.  One or two of the climbs out of some of the creeks along here i missed, but cleaned all the creeks themselves.  Just before the detour to the log drop jump I reeled in Keith, and immediately before the 'rock-gap' we caught the others lounging, waiting.

From here, tight trail up to the rock gap which most of our handlebars failed to negotiate, and then a sweet chute down to a sheep/cattle-stop then it was out across open lands, weaving in and out of the boneyards of past forest, and across a long slope the raised trail where they've lain logs together and filled the gaps with trail material.  a couple of places the trail material has eroded out, making you ride on the log itself.  Along here Steve had an off.  Nelson and me caught Marie not long after this and we all hung a right, down to a gate, then down to the first crossing of Gold Creek.  Along a whiles and another crossing and then the nice climb on chipped marble/quartz gravel, now stained brown where forest tannin water runs over it, up through a goblin forest, a fun descent then out into the open again for more swoopy descending across and into another forest section with a small climb then blast out and back to the car park.  Found Alistair and Nico here again, and the others all rolled in in dribs and drabs and we all settled for some snackage with the robins.

Clambered off up to Rameka turn off again, another quick regroup, camera transferred from Warren's to Nelson's bike, and I led off with Nelson tight on my tail.  Pushing hard, this trail section is actually quite hard work.  There's not a lot of downwardsness to it, it sticking with the 800m contour for the first couple of kms, then only losing the next 100m over the next couple, so you're really pumping it to keep any interesting speed on.  Conditions were awesome, very little moisture about.  Some of the creek crossings have tricky exits, making for dabbage and occasional dismounting.  Wended our way through the forest, pushing, ever pushing.  Finally, you turn that right hander down to the left hander hairpin and the real descending begins, crossing the 700 contour you're propelled into a techy rocky fun time.  I actually just about dropped Nelson through here, then you're through the Dozer zone, peeling left into the really tight twisty section, across to the otherside of the Dozer trail and back out for the final clay rutsville corner before heading out in the open gorse country and blazing through some erosion features and finally down to an intersection of trails.  We waited here for a while, and then a bit longer, then the others turned up (apparently having regrouped just up the trail a smidge...)

Next section is a blast hurtling down into a gully then climbing that rocky ledge, of which i dabbed the smallest bit i've ever dabbed through here, then rocky rocky and back into a wee bit of bush descent down to top of Pack Track.  Another regroup and speed set in.  This is possibly the best of all trails, near the top of my list.  The speed, the flow, the ease of which it comes at you.  Some insane piles of rocks getting thrown at your frame by your tires, the Tomo - we paused and dropped a rock down it... - then a couple of big bermy wall ridey things and then across the road and whoooah, my rear tire is feeling all washy, gotta take it easy, slowing up those on my tail through the jumpy swoopy bermy end before the road.  Another regroup and tube replaced.

Into Great Expectations and the grin-factor is just dripping.  Flying down here, careful on the off camber outside edge corners but railing the right handers.  Into the forest across and around and oh my that IS a long way down (still to descend!) and back into the forest and back and forth and in and out of the edge of the forest and then out into the regenerating bush and absolutely flying.  Super careful not to lose front wheels off bridges and scrubbing off speed for some of the corners.  Somewhere up here Pete got onto my tail and i was having trouble shaking him, and finally, down to the creek crossing and sploosh through, dropped my back wheel into a hole and stopped...  clamber clamber out and Nelson comes barrelling through cleaning it.  Then Pete, small dab, but mostly cleaning it.  I think everyone else walked it.

2 Klicks next.  The fun continued.  I led Nelson through the Do section, Pete and Alistair took the Die.  I think i like the Do, you stay higher and there's cool features near the end, whereas the Die (i rode a couple years back) you drop straight in then you're grovelling along he bottom.  Then into the river bed section, pinging across the tops of the rocks and out up to the road.  Regroup.  Blast.  into 1 Klick.  Again, lots of fun. cool jumps, not game for the first even tho it had a ramp on the back side of it - next time.  Awesome tight blast down through here, more riverbeddy type stuff, and then eventually a couple of interludes on the road and back into singletrack and finally out and down gravel, seal, mainroad, back to Takaka.

Drove to Nelson.

Total drive train replacement for me in this afternoon.  Chain, cluster, front (36t) ring.  One of the chainring bolts was made of cheese, so i had to use a ziptie to hold the retainer in place.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top of the South, Day 1. Kaiteriteri

The Stalkers assembled at Owen Posse park in Woodend early on Friday 18th and proceeded to drive, pretty much in convoy, to Marahau, stopping en route a couple few times and arriving there at 2pm ish.  Shit was organised and we all drove round to Kaiteriteri, where Steve, our resident regular, led the way.  PFMTBC members were by vehicle: Nelson, Pete and me; Andy, Tony and Wayne; Steve, Warren and Robin; Marie and Mark; and Alistair and Nico.  Tagalongers from Nelson were Norm, Keith and someone else who's name i didnt catch...  We rode round stuff like Sidewinder and Swamp Monster, then down Shady Lady, and Revelation, then up Ziggy and Corkscrew.  the latter two new to me and most enjoyable -  Corkscrew in particular, in both directions, but especially down.  On the way down Steve insisted we shoot down Dive which was also fun.  Then it was briefly up Big Airs and then across on Skullduggery, which was cool but a little too climby...  Great to check out new trails in there and what a place to play.  Bombed down Bay View and into Tank and around and back to base for well earned beers and bbq.  Nom nom.

AND!  swtchbckr's 600th Post!  Happy century-post swtchy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2's-dee Ebening last before trip

Quick get together for a few riders last night, namely Nelson, Steve, Robin, Andy and Tones.   Nelson collected me and we met the others up Upper Major Hornbroke, whereupon into the bitter easterly we rode up the singletrackage.  I wheeeeezed all the way up - legs still rather tired from Sunday's mission; Nelson powered off ahead on his hardtail; while the others all made their own time, seemingly chuffing a lot less than me.  Round the top, the rocks in long grass proving interesting and Nelson putting the pressure on some guy who'd ducked in ahead of us, making him make mistakes.  Regrouped on the road then rolllled down to Cavendish Saddle and knuckled in for the grind up Mt Pleasant.  Again, wheeezing my way up and around, Andrew staying pretty close on my tail, and another regroup up top top.

Into the descent, and I felt good.  One near miss in the top section's rocks, but kept it rolling and then over the stile and my flow was ON.  First time I feel like I've ever really 'gotten' this track smoothly.  In the past there's always been pauses and baulks and fart-arounds, but last night it just cruised.  Swoopy swoopy and blasted the lower half, only wanting to turn right on a left-hander once and skidding back into control as a result.  Most of us regrouped at the bottom near the gun-emplacement turn-off and waited for Robin to appear.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Finally Nelson headed up the track towards him and the rest of us waited a good long while before he finally appeared like a rocketship over the brow followed by Robin, - his back wheel had fallen out resulting in a bent derailleur hanger and gears not shifting right.  Nelson had helped him put it together and get rolling again.

Next up was down here and into the top of Greenwood.  Totally not used to riding it this way, enjoyed it but felt the pressure on from Nelson (til he missed a rocky corner) then again further towards the top.  Lastly, up the road, everybody keeping a good pace on then into Britten descent.  Again, felt totally on my game, flowing and rolling and swooping my way to the bottom.  Feeling pretty good for the trip come Friday.

After, we all met, including Pete, Alistair, Wayne, Warren and Marie, at Cassells for a couple beers and discussion of trip plans...  early Friday - to Nelson!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Three Peaks on the way home from the bach

Missed last weekend due to T being away and the rest of us being at the bach helping my Dad with stuff.  Then most of week away and then over to bach again Thursday night for the last weekend of the holidays.  So, packed up and left the bach and i got out at Pettigrews Rd, hitting the trail at 3pm.  First ride for my new shoes, some Shimano's...

Made reasonable time up through Whatarangi and on up Sinclair, walking a bit before peaking out 45mins in, descent beginning, and up here i plugged my music in.  Fair bit of wind around in places, seemingly every time i descended.  Whereas all the climby bits earlier on were calm as.  Good progress up the back of Fitzgerald, with a good walk up the grovelly bit, then up onto the ridge an a surprising section of granny climb.  Stopped for a bit of a snack up top here then tucked into the massive downhill, bombing it down to the gate then through the tricky section and then bombed down to the next saddle.  Someone's been playing with a Komatsu D31 up here, and a new track has been carved in for the next climb.  i rode some of it, and some of the original singletrack, and then some of the new up.  Another stile, number umpteen, across the graveyard tops, another stile, then down the blast, into the wind, to Waipuna Saddle.  over another stile, upwards, another stile, and on walking up up up til riding again, and the blasty descent down to Port Levy Saddle.

Climbed on out, seeing for the first time other bike tire tracks, two i think, not that old - likely this weekend.  Decided later that they were travelling the other direction to me, because on the steep back of Herbert when i was walking they seemed to be ridden not walked.  Grovelly climb up to Kaituna Reserve, then awesome downhill down and across into the start of the nearly final climb, which i managed to ride heaps of til Monument Track peels off to the right.  I started along it, but then realised it would be a big effort, and i might as well just climb up the back like usual, so, pushed up to the ridge and hooked onto the steep bastard.  Carried the bike some, wheeled it on the back wheel ahead of me, and pushed it, a bunch.  Wind quite strong all the way up here.  Met a bit of snow up here, just shady patches.  Body starting to get pretty tired.  Mandarin here, and donned my orange G.Effect top too.

Down the ridgeline between sub-Herbert (913) and Herbert was a fun descent, popping off the drops.  Once the climb hit i slowed right up and walked a bunch more.  Rode a bit, missed the walkway and clambered across to it and on up to the top of Herbert finally (919).  Bunch of txts flooded in, including Tracey wanting a progress report.  18.21 i replied i should make the 7 oclock sailing.  And off i headed down.  Nearly over the bars up here, and a big old hunka snow right in the middle of the trail, north facing(!) too, making everything wet-as below it.  Steep singletrack led me to the slightly less steep 4wd track down.  More stiles, steep, fast descent, dropping hundreds of metres in minutes.  Lambs galore down here and lower.  Finally down into the wee valley and climbing another stile my hamstring cramped something wicked.  Yow!!! had to drop the bike and streetttttch.  Managed to continue, seemingly running out of time.  it was gonna be close.  More stiles, and more wet bits, splatting me up a bunch - something i'd avoided all the way til here, and tonnes more lambs...  Fiiinally, over the very last stile and there's the sign...  Track Closed for Lambing, til Oct 16th...  oooops, only 3 days out. oh well.  Kinda no wonder i saw not a single other person my entire travels.

Across the road, and having to hurry now, couple steps, stile, then down, creek higher than i'd ever seen it before,  flowy singletrack with a few interesting techy bits, and yay at last the road!  Stood and climbed and had pain and had to sit, no, had to stretch, and tried to stand and ride again, but no, had to stretch again, but only 5 minutes left, had to push on through til the descent, blasting past where the pub used to be and down the zigzag road to the wharf and the Ferry was 100m out, on its way in.  Phew...  Pretty hot and bothered by this stage cos twas way warmer at sea level than at 900m, so stood in the breeze all the way across.

Rode off the ferry, and up towards the tunnel, parking myself in time for T and the boys to pick me up.  So.  a 4 hour trip this time.  I'm getting slow.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday evening no skool like the Old Skool

riding the BFe to work, was having issues with my front bearings, so, was wondering whether i'd get to ride or not, but Nelson picked me up on Selwyn St and we made our way to Bowenvale Ave, parking up the end.  He had his hardtail on account of not having replaced his rear derailleur yet (it's ordered...).  Seemed to sort out the bearings, not really by doing anything, and we headed on up the valley.  Stuck to the valley floor track, up to Hidden Valley track, blowing the creek crossing, but pretty much getting the rest of it.  I was surprised how good i did considering how crapola i'd felt all day on account of a certain visitor last night and beer and 4 different singlemalts.  pure seed.

got a bit of air into the lungs on the climb and then onwards around the Old Skool, barrelling down, me leading.  Seemed to ping about a bit, but held a pretty good speed most of the way.  Lower down, in the lower switchbacks we met Craig on his classic fluoro rigid 1988-9 Marin, who'd been been in touch and we expected.  He turned around and continued back down with us, and then we all headed up valley for round number 2.  Repeated, the same, climb climb, Craig nattering away, which is good for keeping him at our speed.  Top of Hidden we chatted a fair bit to a dude who rode through for his first ever time, then metres later we rode past him making a repair, and then half way down, Nelson got a flat, which him and Craig worked together to fix in no time, chatting to the dude again as he stopped on his way down, and then we put chase to him and i reeled him in a little.  While waiting for them to fix the tire, i was sure a rider below us was Steve, and it turns out it was!  At the bottom again, we decided we had enough daylight for another run, so back up the valley, meeting tonnes of DHers coming down way too fast.  Back up the grindy Hidden Valley trail, and back round and back down, and out back to the car by 7.30.  so, three laps in all of approximately 140m altitude, just like climbing to the top of Mt Vernon and back.

And to top it all off, here we are a week after Daylight Savings, checking back, the last time we rode Old Skool was the week before Daylight Savings, meaning we've had the whole winter off it.