Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2's-dee Ebening last before trip

Quick get together for a few riders last night, namely Nelson, Steve, Robin, Andy and Tones.   Nelson collected me and we met the others up Upper Major Hornbroke, whereupon into the bitter easterly we rode up the singletrackage.  I wheeeeezed all the way up - legs still rather tired from Sunday's mission; Nelson powered off ahead on his hardtail; while the others all made their own time, seemingly chuffing a lot less than me.  Round the top, the rocks in long grass proving interesting and Nelson putting the pressure on some guy who'd ducked in ahead of us, making him make mistakes.  Regrouped on the road then rolllled down to Cavendish Saddle and knuckled in for the grind up Mt Pleasant.  Again, wheeezing my way up and around, Andrew staying pretty close on my tail, and another regroup up top top.

Into the descent, and I felt good.  One near miss in the top section's rocks, but kept it rolling and then over the stile and my flow was ON.  First time I feel like I've ever really 'gotten' this track smoothly.  In the past there's always been pauses and baulks and fart-arounds, but last night it just cruised.  Swoopy swoopy and blasted the lower half, only wanting to turn right on a left-hander once and skidding back into control as a result.  Most of us regrouped at the bottom near the gun-emplacement turn-off and waited for Robin to appear.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Finally Nelson headed up the track towards him and the rest of us waited a good long while before he finally appeared like a rocketship over the brow followed by Robin, - his back wheel had fallen out resulting in a bent derailleur hanger and gears not shifting right.  Nelson had helped him put it together and get rolling again.

Next up was down here and into the top of Greenwood.  Totally not used to riding it this way, enjoyed it but felt the pressure on from Nelson (til he missed a rocky corner) then again further towards the top.  Lastly, up the road, everybody keeping a good pace on then into Britten descent.  Again, felt totally on my game, flowing and rolling and swooping my way to the bottom.  Feeling pretty good for the trip come Friday.

After, we all met, including Pete, Alistair, Wayne, Warren and Marie, at Cassells for a couple beers and discussion of trip plans...  early Friday - to Nelson!

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