Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday's *800th post!*, Desolation of Smaug, ahem, McLeans, with Jet and my older boy

Weather appalling on Saturday, so hill tracks likely to still be mucky, so apparently no one was riding, so O and me headed out with Jet to McLeans Island.  Lonnng time since I'd been out here (nearly 3 years).  Boy has it changed.  Usual route, and first thing I noticed was that the whole first section has been logged, so no longer are we riding through forest, but desolate open spaces.  Same went for the next bit you head down into after riding along then up the stopbank...  All young trees (6ft or so already).  Madness.  Completely changes the feel of the place, and old landmarks of big trees are gone, and views across the expanses are totally different to the past.  I was on the Klunker, which was fun.  Grips like a grippy thing, and the wide bars are awesomesauce.  Obe's cruised well, lagging behind a bunch, and Jet just galloped along happily at our speed the whole way.  We did the main loop then the Coringa extra 5kms and then back to the car.  54 minutes riding time total, 15kms with a staggering 60m of altitude...

Just realised, also, that this is this blog's 800th post!!!  Happy post century, blog.

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