Saturday, June 04, 2016

Saturday out of the Gloom into the Gloaming

At the bach, with the fatty.  Finally got a chance, after bonfiring all day, to hit the road at 5 to 4pm - house had lost the sun before 3.  Headed up towards Chorlton, into the sun, then up View Hill Road.  Nice cruise up the gravel, then grovelled up the steepest bits then cruised on again further up.  Got to 606 m in 52 minutes, and turned around just as half the sun was behind the distant mountains.  Bombed it.  Nearly 60kph on the gravel bits, then over that once on the seal below.  Finished by taking Lukes Rd across and then down to the courts and then back up our drive.

14.15 km, just on 600m alt.

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