Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Night Godley circles

Usual pick up from work and traffic, Moorhouse to Ferry, to Causeway and through to Sumner, then over the hill and parking down in Taylors, we got riding up the Snake's tail then onto the chip surface and out Boulder Bay track.  Nice we spin, hardly technical, but a good place to ride when everything's closed.  Climbed up past the gun emplacements finally having a rest (and me stripping off the jacket) at the barbed wire fence.  Off again, over and down the zigs and zags, then climbing again back up past the barracks etc, and finishing up at the carpark, while the ranger was locking up the gate.

Off up the climbing 4wd trail and onto the narrow wee sidling track we usually ride in the other direction.  Quite good in this direction, back towards Breeze Col.  Quite greasy, especially the rocks, tires glancing off them on occasion, and my descent down to the Col was sketchy.  From here, back out towards the Head on the old skool trail below the road.  A couple of quite wet spots along here, but mostly pretty good.  Climby climb around and out, then down and over the cattle stop to the road. 

Off up the 4wd track again, but peeling off to the left half way up, to the stile for Breeze Bay track.  The work there'd been a little of last time we rode this has come all the way through it now.  They've dug it wider all the way, even removing the nice rock feature we'd built.  The surface was damp dirt, so rocks were sketchy as, but there's not that many of them anymore.  Our once techy wee challenge is now gone.  They'll probably bloody put a gravel chip on it next.  Ugh.  I took the final blast down to the stile carefully.

Onto the Anaconda, starting off easy, and continuing that way.  Half way down, on the corner I once crashed on, my front wheel started to do the same as that crash, washing and threatening to take me down.  Was VERY close but managed to keep it rolling and adrenalin kicked in a little further down the trail.  Into the valley, back and forth, a couple of real water flow ruts.  Around onto the tail and Nelson was no where to be seen, he'd blasted away ahead of me so far.  Into the planting area above the beach and over a rock and whallop, my seat smacked me in the balls, causing excruciating pain.  I had to stop and get my breath, and the ache lasted til we were back at the car.  Needless to say the rest of the ride down the final section was tentative, and I was groaning.

13kms, 480m climbed, all in just over 1 hour ride time.

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