Thursday, June 09, 2016

Wednesday night Fatty and skinny went for a ride

T was working late so Nelson got to mine and we had some dinner and then set off just before 7.  Out to Scumner and parked up near a netball court.  I had the fatty, and he was on his singlist; the NuclearProof being in the shop receiving new bushes.  Discovered I'd left my gloves behind, but luckily one of Nelson's pairs fit me (-ish).  Off up the road and up through Slumnervale, fat tires on the road humming away like the usual box of angry bees, quieter on the grass.  Up the steps and onto the Captain, crossing on the new bridge, and the grind began.  Nelson jettisoned off ahead as usual, particularly due to him having to stay on top of his single gear.  I gasped and wheezed behind - at least the fatty has some good granny gears.  Up the switchbacks, some of which he didn't clean, and a rest was had on the bench.  Onwards and easier going for a while til the rocks.  Faffed through them and riding again cleaned up the next section til the next rocks and on the same, the rest of the way; 3 possums scurrying away on the last stretch towards the top.

At Evans, the decision was made to hit Godley.  Neither of us bothered much on the rocky climb.  Both of us were having trouble clipping out of our pedals for most of the ride, with both of us crashing from stationary at least once somewhere along the way.  Another break at the top, usual location overlooking Scarbro, and then onwards, railing around and down towards Livingston.  The fatty was performing perfectly on the smooth stuff, but as soon as rocks were added to the equation it became bloody hard work.  Nelson got a pinch flat when the going got rocky, and the rest was a relief to me.  More battering ensued once that was fixed and through Livingston and into the clamber over towards Breeze, a good blast on the smooth stuff.

From Breeze Col we took the narrow trail above the road, Nelson managing to stay on top of his gear most of the way and me just gasping along, pushing my monster along.  Then down a singletrack a little further over from the usual descent to Godley car park, bombing down and dodging rocks and tussocks.  Across the road and onto the original singletrack back below the road.  Nice blast round this, fatty riding nicely.

Second time from Breeze Col, the other direction, on the road for a stretch, small climb then bit of descent to Livingston, and back onto the singletrack for the climb, with a rest and a bite to eat at the Col first - Nelson consuming a Sweaty Faybar.  Climb wasn't too bad.  The lower section with the rocks was hard cos the fat tires grab every second one, slowing progress and making it harder.  As Nelson pointed out, if it was easy, then everybody would be doing it! - referring to both fatties and singling.  Out the top and off around the last of the Goddles, usually my favourite section...  Not so on the fatty.  As I've learned before, rigid and rocks aren't friends.  Ugh, by the time I finally got down to Evan's Pass I was thrashed.

Across the road and I disposed of a little air from the tires, hoping that would help.  It did.  My roll down Capt Thomas wasn't so bad.  Bloody possum nearly ran under my tires on the first section.  Further down, I cleaned the upper of the rocky-drop nemesises, and the first of the two lower down, but not the second of them...  On round and into the switchbacks, then the cabbage tree 'shortcut' and flying down the last sections around the bend, rear tire feeling a little wallowy (maybe I'd let too much air out), then ducking down under and using the old bridge next to the new bridge.

Final spin down the paddock, and roads, back to the car, low pressure tires dragging on the tarmac.

It was late (9.50pm) as we drove Humphrey's Drive heading home...

Riding time 1 hour 40 mins, 726 m climbed, in 21 kms

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