Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday night Worsley Nun Gov's

Usual pickup outside work, 5.20 or so, and we cruised the streets, not really knowing where to go, then deciding on Worsley's...  Old Skool Stylez, up the main drag all the way, checking out the 'security' on the new Park.  Looks to me like people have been accessing the old route in at the top, but.  Not us.  Up the BodyBag, chuffing, then top of Nun for a break.  Dude we'd met in the back in January, Quetty, rolled up and he remembered us and we remembered him, and we chatted for ages.  Then Nelson and me headed off, with me eating Nelson's dust the whole way, no matter how far I backed off...  Struggled with that, so not such a great run, but some fun had.  On down the whole way all the way to the bottom - no flats this time, yay, then up the road to the upper entrance for the Governor's Bay trail.  Off down this, nice smooth run down, tho at times corners were hard to see round due to bushes...  Into the climb, manageable, but a couple dabs, and only one really bad one on the steppy rocks near the top.  Cleaned the final grunt tho, which is a first for a very long time. 

Up the road again, this time all the way up to top of Nun again for a second go at the top section.  I led the way in this time, and Nelson gave me lots of gap for the dust, and I had a mint run, jumping stuff I hadn't on the first, and cleaning berms better and all sorts of good stuff.  Off at the carpark and back up, this time on the walking track above the road.  Nice climb up this, a few steppy walking bits, but mostly bloody good, including the last steeeep bit before it levels off and descends a bit...  Up Worsley's Rd, and over down the Bodybag.  Ducked into the forest a little further down on the left and found some un-ridden trails, massive stupid jumps in them, but lots of rideable stuff, and found spraypaint markings for future trails(?), and eventually arrived where I thought we would, and took the 4wdy trail the rest of the way out, tho peeled right at the clearing below the pylons, and walked up then got into the jumpy trail in the trees here, then peeled out of it at the big clearing (old entry to Guts track, / junction) and over the fence onto the lower finishing trails (which are actually outside of the Park's gambit).

14kms all up, with 555 m in altitudinalities.

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