Monday, January 07, 2008

sunday morning. rapaktraversthomsobodybagsecret

Matt's Specialized has a cracked suspension pivoty thing, so he borrowed the Singlespeed. picked me up and over to Steve's we went. Pete, steve, tony, wayne and us two. i piloted the single up rapaki, cos i didnt wanna inflict too much pain on the poor guy... tho, he rode it to the first gate. so huffed and chuffed all the way up, walked about 5 metres on that last corner.

above the road, turned right along single. matt struggled up round the first two hairpins and lost it just above the wee water dam, started walking for a bit. i continued on. matt failed to appear for a while, but then eventually we saw him coming. once below the road again, he flew. was right on my tail all the way round to just before sugarloaf, then he took the lead and i was pushin' to keep up. nice one. sorry bout that matt...

then Thomson's to kiwi. flew through there. then up road to top of Worsley's. down body bag, up paddock to 'secret' singletrack. and a nice bomb down it. its getting more and more rideable, smoother and faster, i guess cos we're getting to know it better. cleaned the rocky ass piece below the pylons, and then continued all the way down down down where Nelson and me explored a while back. rode a lot more of that too. then back up 4wd track, and down rest of single, then down road to westmorland zigzags, and home round the river... all good. nice sunny day, but with a good cooling sou'wester blowing a little bit.

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