Tuesday, February 05, 2008

sunday, capt thom, greenwood, capt thom...

grabbed a lift out with Pete. met the boys, plus marie. headed up capt thomas. cleaned more than ever before on the way up. feeling good, cruising. got to evans, headed up the road, more nice easy cruising, pete started pushing towards the top, made it a bit more of a thrash. hit the greenwood park. i led. bombed it. got my flow on on a lot of it, the occasional tweak out but mostly all go go go, charged all the way down.

then, regroup, onto capt thomas. pete lead. i followed, and hussed it on his tail all the way down. we cleaned everything. on the lower section, in the bushes, came round a corner and i think gave some runners a fright, they told us off (we WERE in control and didnt actually hit them, or scatter them that much). anyway, when we got to the bottom, steve showed up and one of the pricks had shoulder barged him off his bike. he'd even pulled over and slowed riiight down for them. anyway. more bikers arrived, and it turns out they've encountered the same guy and he's barged them off in the past too. they also barged Wayne off as well. and yet, sexist to the max, they stood aside and let Marie ride past! nutters. steve called the cops, cos thats assault, and would be especially dangerous if they did it to someone on the technical sections and they went over a cliff.

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