Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, tag and worsles.

In the morning i tagalong'd with O to a trees for canterbury planting at Horseshoe Lake. some of the boys had ridden via bottle lake. afterwards, steve obtained permission from one of the rangers, so we rode the walk track thru, much to the thrill of O, who commented later in the day how much fun it was riding the boardwalks... at the Avon we peeled right and followed the river home, and the boys headed on down stream.

at 6ish, got a txt from Nelson, so i chucked the bike in the car and drove over to his. Craig joined us and we grunted up Worsley's. the lower half was as usual, but the top half, including the body bag, has been bulldozed. felt a bit asthmatic to start, but managed to climb okay (craig miles ahead, even on his heavy Commencal Meta6), and cleaned all of bodybag. then onto Flying Nun fun. new bits near bottom getting further and further down. then we bombed down to kiwi and on down below dyers. then up into vic, and took in the whole of cool runnings. out and down. all up a good ride.

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