Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Mcleans drifting

Picked up Chris about 7 and we drove the byways across town into the wetness. dark clouds from my office window earlier really must've been pissing down over there. arrived just as the security was locking up the gate. i had the singlespeed, chris on his ragley, we headed in, puddles abounding, thinking "ew, we're gonna get muckeeee..."

spleck spleck spleck muddy spray lifting off the front wheels trying to get into my eyes. keeping to the edge of the trail, and high on the berms kept the eyes clear for a while. good blat, old lap, then into the new(ish) Coringa loop, waaay dryer, better made methinks, much less splecky. Then maybe 500m from the overbridge, i thought, hmmm, no hands... gave it a go, slowed us a bit, but from there all the way back to the car we pretty much rode no hands. fun!!! well worth the try. bailed after the one lap cos we were so mucky and couldnt be arsed riding any more of it.

got home and hosed the bike down and showered. bloody mess.

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