Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Crocked

quick one tonight. singled over to Pete's and we falcon'd with Alistair, picking up Brandon on the way, to Halswell Quarry Park. the main carpark for some reason. found Wayne, Steve, Steve, Andrew, Tony, Marie and Mark there. headed up the track then cut across and took the steeper of the options up to the road. i walked a bunch. Brandon turned back at the first hill due to an asthma attack.

up the road and Steve says down now. huh, we'd barely climbed? so. Alistair then Mark then Pete then me then Andrew (who i thought was breathing down my neck but i actually held my own okay) then Steve then i'm not sure, all bombed down the track. i had a tough time keeping on Pete's tail and he was having a tough time keeping on the other two's. down down down, lotsa dust, me getting jarred all over the place due to the rigidity, and into the first big corner after that tight rock pinch and Alistair spills, wiping out after going high on the berm and missing overcooking the exit or something. nice dirt marks on his shoulder and side... everyone regrouped and off we went again to the bottom bridge where it was decided we'd turn and head back up the croc to the top (ie, Siberia). Alistair bailed down to hang with Brandon.

so. Steve(abba) headed off first way ahead. and after a bit i laid chase. caught him eventually, but on the one or two corners i walked or dab-scooted he got away from me again. Andrew was up next, then the rest. off up the last (new tasty as it was once known) climb and i managed a lot with only one or two scoots and dabs and one walk. over Siberia, me doing pretty well, and getting out of the rooty line at the bottom. Here, Steve(abba) headed off up Kennedy's for home, while the rest of us headed back up the 4wd track and watched him from the top, a distant red speck up the first climb.

Then it was action stations again. Headed into the single, Mark then Pete then me then Andrew, Steve and so on. Me chasing hard to keep the other two in view, asking Bessie the cow to not walk right in front of me at one stage, and eventually managed to close the gap on the two guys on the last couple straights. Regroup and off down the Croc again for the final run. Felt a bit better this time, tho my braking hands were getting almost chaffed due to the constant rough ride. Quite a few times tho, I thought "meh, suspension, who needs it?" still, knowing deep down that I'm a fuck of a lot faster on the Cotic...

Out the bottom and back to the cars. Fun, tho short, and I don't feel like i did much exercise. However, at the time, gasping for air and workin' that bike up that hill, I definitely was -- paying for Sunday's non ride due to silliness on my Saturday night's behalf.

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