Monday, November 21, 2011

The Shame!

3 weeks without a ride! this is a new low... THREE whole weeks off the mountainbike. now my head is beginning to be done in. i had to have at least one blog entry this month. maybe i'll sneak a ride in while in Wellington, or somehow get something going for me over the coming weekend...
reasons??? well... after the week away on the trip, i had to spend 'family time' for the week, then i was off to Fiordland for the following week, taking out the usual Tuesday and Sunday that the boys all got, then another week of 'family time' necessary, and this week, tomorrow, i'm off to Wellington, meaning more 'family time' next week!!!

only benefit to me is that i've ridden to work most days in the couple weeks i've been back, including today getting drenched to the skin, and Fiordland had me walking about in the forest a bunch, which is good hard work...

Meanwhile, the 'crew' has had all their usual rides!

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