Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So.  Since last i rode, i've been fixing.  Thursday I basically had to stay in bed all day.  Friday i was getting better, then over the weekend into the following week it sort of plateau'ed.  Dull ache with occasional tweaks of pain when i reached the wrong way.  Finally, got a Physio appt Friday last and now have a few stretches to go on with.  Followed up on Monday, and tomorrow am off to Fiordland where, off the bike, I will have more time to heal, hopefully with no slips or slides down banks grabbing out for supplejack and tweaking it again. 

Riding to work has been fine, except when trying to hop the back wheel up kerbs.  I can see myself back on the trails after i get back from Fiordland.  That will be nearly a month since the injury.

Also in the recent week, i put the first disk brake on the Surly, an Avid BB7 I bought a set of recently.  Much improved.  Now just have to get the centrelock thing sorted for the Alfine and I can say goodbye to rimbrakes!

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