Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Arvo Jetting the B-liners

Jet and me headed up to top of Worsley's Rd and boy was he keen to get out of the car as i got myself sorted.  Once out, off he went ahead of me, 4.05pm.  Pretty mucky across the flat bit at the start, but beyond that lines were manageable up the first few stretches, Jet running about with a wee sheepdog for a minute before the watertank, then following on after me. Once up to the corner we often used to rest at, the trail got really bad.  Basically, there's a few unrideable sections in there now, rocks too big, holes too deep.  Very messy.  Walked a little then rode for a while then had to walk a couple of clay holes, and so on up to the body bag, where we headed left and up into the B-line territory for 4.25pm...

Off down the original 'B-line', off to the right, with Jet in behind like a good boy, following me all way down and through, hanging a right into Fight Club and bookin' down here, swoopy swoop, cleaning all the interesting techies, ruts forming in a few sections, and polishing off the very final drop that impaled my knee that other time, 4.45...

Jet led the way up the 4wd section and we had a short rest at the gate, then onwards up round up and at 'the junction' we headed left up the guts, steeeeeeeep little bastardo climbing up through the pylon gap and onwards past some other riders and onwards up to the cliff top gap, and onwards up all of it to where the other B-line heads down.  Jet in behind again and off we went down Tommy's (not #2) and headed all the way through, suddenly bottoming out my fork a few times, when i got out to the pylon gap, i discovered it wound all the way down.  What the ???  Had it wound itself down??  Had i been riding all the time with it down?  With more travel, we continued down first left then across right and down the droppies and through back down onto the climb back up to the Junction, and then down the finale past the soaking wet dribbled from the tank and on out, blasting to the car for 5.18 as i drove down the road...  Niiice.

Sitting here with a very tired wee doggy on the floor.

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