Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday post work Worsley, Nun, The Guv'nor, Tommy Too, Debby and a newby

Nelson picked me up for an eventful ride.  We parked at the busy top of Worsleys Rd, and proceeded to get puffed riding up the hill.  The ruts up here are deeper than ever, getting to be quite little canyons, and what was a techy rocky section half way up is now a REALLY techy rocky dry streambed section that we both walked.  Some of the tight little ridges between canyons are getting pretty narrow now too.  For a change, we continued up the Body Bag, which I got off and walked the lowest down I think I've ever gotten off.  I just had no 'climb' in me.  Knackers yard for me, methinks...

Into the top of Nun and a well earned rest, and little bit of a snack before heading off down.  Felt pretty good, everything familiar even tho it was  a couple months since last tackling it.  Bombed all the way to the bottom then back into the annoying climb.  At the half way mark, we headed over to the left and down the Governors Bay trail.  A good year since last down here.  Neat wee blast down, singletrack in great nick, tho a few bushes over growing it in places.  We'd both forgotten how long the flat bit round the bay side was, then it was into the techy climb up the Kiwi side, above the Dyers Pass Rd.  Cleaned a good percentage of it, walked once or twice, and Nelson cleaned heaps. 

Back on the road and Nelson took off chasing and baiting roadies while I just plodded away.  Top of Worsley, bodybag speed rush down, then into the access track up, sunnies off, and on up to top of Hangloose and Tommy's 2.  We chose the latter, cos it'd been a while, and I led the way.  Things have sure changed down here since the first few times, with stupid arse jumps been dug into the middle of the track in places which are just inappropriate.  fucking groms.  dug out on the backsides of them too.  stoopid.  Nelson had a wee brush with a bank in a tight channel part way down, then we picked up our old line which is the bottom of Hang Loose and rolled that out.  Nice. 

Up the logging road, following some other guys, then it was up the guts, internal steep little muthahfuckah me grinding away at it and surprisingly surviving it.  Just before the pylon clearing we spotted a new looking track off to the left and noted it for later.  At the clifftop we caught up with another dude, Justin, and led him to the entrance to Debbie Does Dallas, which rode bloody well, and was heaps of fun.  Nelson and me continued across the slope, while Justin scoped out the rest of it.  Pretty cruisy across the face, then into a little of Nick's track, then cruisy across the face again, til finally dropping down into Fight Club and we finished this off nicely. 

Back up the road and the sun was pretty much below the horizon, so contemplated bailing but decided to go back up the guts to check out the new trail.  I ended up walking a bunch of the steep up.  Still, I do need to exercise my walkingness.  Nelson led into the new track and it was quite cool.  Pretty loose, but a good gradient and it blitzes down through the forest just below the pylon clearing then drops down and meets the logging road about where the old Fight Club shortcut used to come in.  Back up to the central junction and off down the finishing trails.  Nelson was well ahead of me here, and I cruised, getting a flow on, and jumping the wee jump between the trees, then there's this big tree fallen across the trail, with a good lead in ramp on it, and I was like, do I? dont I?  and at the last second decided not to, but too late.  Slammed on my brakes, just about threw myself off the back of the bike, but not before it went over the jump and I followed it over landing badly, tumbling, bike falling on me, rolling, tweaking a muscle in my calf and impacting my shoulder.  Owch.  Straight back on, and rolling again, rode all the rest out, testing the shoulder and stretching the calf... 

Voltaren for a day or two, maybe...  gonna hurt in the morning, I reckon.

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