Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday night Pinball Wizards

First sort of real test ride for the Spot, and it was a muckfest.  We ended up with limited time, not leaving my place til about 6.20 and kinda needing to be back around 8 for T to go to a gig, and by the time we got out the door, this went from 6
to 7 
 was wandering through with spitty kinda drizzly rain.  So, drove to Sumner, and up to Evans, parking up in the fog here.  Jumped on the bikes and got on up the Godley start.  Poor visibility, but not as bad sounding as the pfmtbc Tuesday's fog fug, but with the added bonus of rain falling.  First few rocks were a revelation to me - the Spot just soaking up everything; unbelievably comfortable.  I'm gonna have to tweak my style of riding a bit, which will take time, and I think I need another 10 or 20 psi in the shock too.

Rocks were greasy, some mud was around, a couple of ruts out towards the high point.  Neither of us cleaned the start, because the grease.  Next few bits tho, the Spot just rolled on up, sweet as.  Tweaking, squirrelly back end, but way less than the BFe would have been.  Dabbed a fair bit, being rather careful with my new treasure.  We only rode to the landing strip, high point, and turned back  A couple of small rutty holes out that end, and one big hole that was there last time, otherwise just slick rocks everywhere else, pinballing us around.  Coming back was awesome.  Wafting down the hill, rolling over stuff that would have used to have hung me up.  And the rocky armoured bits!?  WOW.  The last rocky sections down to the end were a revelation too.  Back to the car, reasonably sprayed in muck - tho, obviously, none in the eyes thanks to the muckynutter.  Gotta get something sorted for the rear, just to keep the crap out of the sweet DW linkages.

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