Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday surprise Bottle Ache group spin

Plans changed for me and I'd been invited earlier in the day to a night ride at the pond which in the end I was able to join.  Drove out and met up with a bunch of people, didn't quite remember all their names but included Miranda, Andrew, Andrew, Hannah, Josie, Hugh and a few others, ten of us in all.  Miranda's first ever night ride.  I had the singlespeed and the dog.  I led the way and soon gapped everybody by a good distance, but as we progressed i slowed a bit and they got a better feel for it.  Regrouped at the gazebo, then again just before the ponds one of the guys got a surprise flat.  A wee split in the sidewall of his tire, we ended up strengthening it with another patch, which held for the rest of the ride.  Jet had, until this point, an old red flashy on his collar, which he proceeded to lose while we were there. 

Onwards and through the water feature, up onto the dunes and along.  Good spin, all the way through to Spencer Park where we stopped for mulled wine and crackers and cheese.  Very civilised.  Back on to the trail and we took turn about leading, tho mostly me.  Eventually, at the start of where they're going to log out soon, Hugh led the rest of the way out to the carpark.  Nice for me to be in behind, slipstreaming and going a bit easier.  Jet stuck with me the whole way.  He is SUCH a good dog!

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