Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sunday Mornin, Snortin' Badly

Only Steve and me today.  A bit wet, I biked into town on the Troll to pick up the car from where T had left it last night, then got to his place and we took the Trees van to Lyttelton.  8.50 sailing of the ferry to Diamond Harbour, and from here we rode, in the drizzle, to Orton Bradley Park for a TFC planting.  Nice road around there, hardly any traffic and a good distribution of ups and downs.  The drizzle lifted precisely at 10 when the planting started.  At the planting we rode up a soggy paddock, my town tires not gripping so great.  Planting was very quick, not too many plants and quite a few people.  Rode up to have a look at where the new 'family' track is going to be, but couldn't really tell.  then back down to the cottage for a muffin.  All done, and back on the bikes and back round to DH, where we stopped for coffee, tea, and some grub, before heading down and arriving in perfect time for the 12.30 ferry back to the van and home.

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