Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday night lapping up the Old Skool

Nelson and me had a slow start, not getting over to Bowenvale Ave til some time between 6.30 and 7pm.  I'd got home late, and then had a flat tire to fix too.  We got rambling up the valley, only meeting some downhill riders near the bottom, surprisingly the only ones we saw all evening.  Up the valley, then up the grunty steeps before turning off onto the Hidden Valley Link track, both cleaning the creek, but then me blowing it on a rock a few metres after it.  Then round the first hairpin, no probs, and on up, me blowing the second one...  puffing hard.  The rest of the way up was hard, but clean.  Breather under the pylon, and then it was climbing a bit more and the down began.  Nelson in the lead, me following close, my left foot popping out occasionally, gotta sort that pedal.  Good run down, and out the bottom and back up the valley. 

2nd time round, Nelson cleaned it all, and this time so did I.  Feeling a bit better on the climb this time, and then I led the down hill this time...  Blazing.  Nelson enjoyed seeing new lines taken by me.  Out the bottom again, and

3rd time up.  This time Nelson blew the first hairpin after the creek, I got it all.  Feeling heaps better this time, and feeling pretty good at the top, breathing under control.  Into the descent, Nelson in the lead again, and me following, making less mistakes, and riding harder.  A couple of guys totally parked in the wrong spot at the bottom of the rut leading to the stile half way down.  d'uh.  park after the stile, dudes...  Onwards, and fast, smooth and fun.  Light starting to get a bit lower, but good visibility all the way down.  The rutty finish is a mess, and has a very dodgy exit, that neither of us rode.  Finally off down the finish and back to the car.  Chatted to a couple of young dudes who'd started about the same time as us, and then it started raining.  Good timing, with it pissing down as we drove home. 

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