Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday evening East End meander (700th Post!)

Welcome to post number 700!!! (coming up on 10 years of this blog too...)

Nelson met at my place and we cruised out to Slumner, parking up at the beach.  Headed up Stoke St and on up into Scumnervale and up the Captain.  Insta-wheeze kicked in for me, and Nelson dropped me after the first corner.  Top of the switchbacks I wheezed past a couple of guys waiting for us to roll through and it was up in the rocky ups that I caught Nelson, who was waiting for a couple more guys.  Ride from here was okay, less wheezing but still struggling.  Realising as we climbed and further into the ride that my rib was inhibiting my breathing, allowing me only to breath shallowly.

Top of Captain Thomas finally and a bit of a rest before we hit the Godley entrance.  Nelson cleaned it all up, and I just about did.  Paused briefly in the middle, but continued on up from where I'd stopped.  On up and through, the ribs getting sorer and sorer the whole way out.  Into the descent for Livingston, hot on Nelson's tail we flew down here.  I had a couple of wee moments towards the bottom but survived it and rolled through the col and into the climb.  Nelson pulled away again and then was waiting at the top again before the descent to Breeze, fun times on the rolling trail, but Nelson got some thistle splinters in his leg.

Decided to head up the little trail that climbs above the road, around the tight narrow sheep path, then up to the cool ass track that heads around above the harbour back to Breeze Col.  Stopped and fixed up a rock feature we'd done before that someone had wrecked, and then rode on around, reveling at how much longer it was than we'd remembered it.  Great ride around here and then a short break for food at top of Anaconda. A woman turned up on a bike around the road and headed down the snake as we sat, and so we sat for a while waiting for her to get a bit further ahead.  Then it was into it, Nelson ahead.  I was on his tail, just cruising along for a start, but once we were over the first cattle stop and around a couple corners I lost my chain so stopped to replace it, letting Nelson get miles ahead.  From here on down I went pretty good but no chance of catching him.  Into the 'tail and I could see the woman on going through the gate on the walking track, and then further round I could see Nelson ahead.  Bit loose down this last section, hands holding the bars too tight and rib really starting to bite.

Into the climb, I delayered at the first corner, and then it was onwards and up and over.  Catching the woman half way up Nelson chatted with her as I slowly gained on them.  At the top she headed down the road and we headed into Nicholson Park, taking all the faster lines down, and then onto the hairpins and steps, then finally out the neat wee 'secret' trail out to Whitewash Head Rd, then down and back to the car around the waterfront... 

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