Monday, June 22, 2015

Snow Fat

Missed the planting ride on Saturday, and unable to get out Sunday, except that the family decided a trip to the snow might be fun.  Into the car, Cooker on the back, and off up the plains.  Met the first snow on the before Waddington, less and less opportunities to pull off the road as we progressed through Sheffield (with a queue out the door for pies - didn't stop), then Springfield (with cars all over the road side (some stuck in snow)) and people playing on the hillside behind the cafe...  Onwards and up into the Porters.  At the big 30kph corner just before the main climb (Coach Stream Route - Korowai Tussocklands Reserve) we pulled up and played.  I took the fat bike up the packed walk track, finding it all a bit tricky.  Ice-crustal-topped melty-below snow, too deep to ride on virgin, and stuff that'd been walked on was rideable but hella tricky.  Obviously not ideal conditions for a fatty, and backcountry snow touring in such conditions would mean a fair bit of walking; defeating the purpose.. hmmmm.  Still, nice time had with the boys playing in the snow getting freezing toes once the snow got into their gumboots, and the dog had a good time too.

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