Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Toosdy night Cold Red Zone meander

On Monday night I texted Nelson to say to bring his bike in on Tuesday for to hit the hills before the winter blast hit after work.  Unfortunately, I sent said text to T's phone, and so Nelsie never got it.  Touched base with him Tuesday morning and he had his commuter, so he came to mine after work and we had dinner before heading out into the 'Zone. 

Down my street, over Swanns Rd Bridge and around Avonside Drive, Jet loping alongside, my handlebar light on Nelson's bike, and me with my helment light.  Around to Gayhurst Bridge, over the foot bridge here, and on downstream on Locksley, houseless redzone.  Down Kerrs Reach past McBratneys, across New Brighton Rd, and then into the Horseshoe Lake singletrack.  Quite a nice wee trail in here, albeit short.  The frost was settling already, but the boardwalk sections weren't too dodgy.  At one point Jet stumbled into deeper water than he expected, and Nelson lost his balance and dropped a foot into, luckily, shallower water than it might have been.  Dunked to the ankle, his foot proceeded to freeze the rest of the ride.  At the end of the accessible trail we headed left and through to Liggins where I'd popped out last time.  From here we cruised around to the end of Queensbury St, then cut across to the top end of Kingsford.  Down here, brief sojourn into Moncrieff and the dead end boardwalk then back down Kingsford, across New Brighton, Mundys, Fleete, Birchfield, Ferner, then along McBratneys and around River Rd to home.  Dropped Jet off and onwards to Pomeroys for a couple of nice beers - Ava's new Mama Mighty, and a Parrot Dog Riwaka Secret for me.  Yummo.

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