Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday night Godley there and back

Day off work - school holidays - picked up the Spot from Josh, all suspension and linkages very nicely tickled up.  Deposited the famdamnly at the airport at 3.30, got home (via Punky Brewster) and about 5.30 Nelson turned up and we headed out to Scumner and up to Evans Pass.  Parked up, and Nelson discovered he didn't have his shoes, so had to ride in some lace-less Chuck Taylor low tops... I led the way up and out, as he struggled on the technicalities.  One rider at the highest point, then another at the fence where the climb up from Scarborough meets the singletrack where he'd just climbed up.  Off down towards Livingston, nice and quick, flow was good and the whole back end felt true and tight, and front end had no dive and was a relevation, like a new bike!  Very nice.

Grunted up from Livingston, displaying some muppetry on the rocks near the top, and then off down to Breeze.  From here we headed above the road around the tight little narrow trail, scattering sheep and collecting samples of their byproducts kindly deposited on the trail for us.  Up and around to see a few of the new 360 Walkway signs, over the stile into the Breeze Bay track.  Mildly sketchy in places around here where a little bit of it's southfacing  moisture retaining dirt was making our tires slippery on the rocks.  Good blast down the hill once we'd negotiated the rocks and the flax bush.  Over the stile and into the 'conda.  Fun blast down here ducking and weaving, bike feeling really good.  Bit of a rest at the start of the 'tail, and then the grunt back up began.  Ugh.  Survivable, but the lower reaches definitely a pain in the arse compared to the top half.

Across Breeze Col again and back into the singletrack climbing climbing over, more muppetry on the rocks, then down to Livingston, and more climbing.  Noticed a couple of WW2 pillboxes in the hill side above here that I'd never noticed before, then up and over and the flow back to Evans.  Good run down here, not too fast to start with but slowly getting my groove on.  Right near the end I finally flicked the switch to 'Descend' and the last rocky guts (that always gets us climbing) was mint. Down and out to the car, and home...

Mapped, only 14.3 kms, but 572m altitude gained...

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