Thursday, December 31, 2015

Totaranui Awaroa Surrounds

No more riding done at Collingwood, and then through to Totaranui.  Not much done here, riding around the campground down to the beach a bit of sand action, some good, some bad.  Lots of swimming, several times a day.  Snorkling, canoeing... 

Extended my usual ride here, headed up the dusty dusty road to the top of the hill.  Early enough that it wasn't actually that dusty, only got passed by about 4 cars in total going up, maybe a couple that were heading down.  At the top I took a little bit of singletrack explore, poaching some of the walking track towards Gibbs Hill.  About 200m in it got really rooty, so turned back out to the road, waiting while about 5 vehicles creamed through, raising up the dust.  Now it was back down the road, then a right into the Awaroa Road, doing my usual trip out to the Inlet and back over to Totes.

22kms, over 700m alt...  dusty.

Then a day or two later, we went for a big family walk, parking the car at the top of the Waiharakeke Track (on the Awaroa Rd) bike rack in the boot.  Walked back to Totes, so I had to bike up and collect the car...  4.7kms, couple hundy alt.

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