Friday, January 22, 2016

Thursday evening, kids and dog shorty

Gave the dog and the kids a wee spin in the 'Pond last night.  I's on the fat bike, we treadled into the main trail on the right, then after the dump road we hung a left on a walking track, then another left a bit further along that which took us back across the dump road onto a sweet wee trail i'd found another time, then around a running trail that crosses the bike trail further round.  It was hot and there wasnt any water on us or about, so we turned left and headed towards the pond on another walking trail (instead of riding the wrong way on the bike trail) to where Jetty had a nice drink.  Then down a road, and along a fence and then across to the bike track and back to the carpark.  short and sweet. (and i forgot to turn the mmr off til down the road)

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