Sunday, April 10, 2016

Saturday's posse catch-up, up, round and down.

Trundled across town to Steve's for a 9 oclock, and found there Wazza, Steve and Robin, soon followed by the arrival of Wayno.  We headed around through Hanson's Park and up the usual route, Ramahana, Aotea and up.  All sticking together and chatting catching up, for 't had been a while since I'd ridden with these fellas.  Ground our way up the gravel and topped out, me starving hungry, scoffing half a one-square as the others rolled up in short shrift.

Was a big posse assembling up in the road, and a couple of young dudes headed thru ahead of us, so we got going. Took a while but I wound in the young dudes by our usual regroup spot below Sugarloaf. They headed out while I awaited the others, then there were a few riders coming the other way so we held off our departure. Then, these total dicks came up behind us and proceeded to totally fuck up any flow the oncoming riders had, going ahead of us. We ask commented on their rudeness and followed them, me continually winding them in, letting them off, winding them in,  the rest of the way to Vic.

Into the Thompsons, blast blast blast, then ride chatting to the previously mentioned young dudes as we climbed up the road...  I dropped back and joined the boys, mainly Wazza and we plodded our ways up the road then up top of The Nun.  I led straight out thinking most of them were gonna bail in the middle, and had a rather wafty ride.  Slow in the slow bits but fast and jumpy in the fast jumpy bits.  Made it through the top half and dropped into the lowers.  Riding really cleanly, lightly, til the stretch before the corner next to where the Governor's Bay trail comes up, and I double pinch flatted.  Walked up the exit trail to that corner on the road and proceeded to start patching.  The boys rolled up, all but Steve, with Robin continuing on, while Wazza and Wayne waited a bit, the Wazza left.  I patched two holes, then found two more, so Wayne gave me a tube, then took off.  So, I finished up and got going.  We all met up with Steve at the top of Worsley's. 

I led off down the 'Bag and bounced and rolled, trying to stay out of the ruts.  With the forest closed we headed down the old skool main drag, first time down this for aeons (St Patrick's Day, 2011, to be precise).  At the big corner, old entrance to the Guts climbing track, we caught up with Tim Prebble, who was manning the 'info' station (ie, his truck, with leaflets on the windscreen) about the new Park.  Chatted a whiles, then headed on down the track, Epitaph, then road, and into Farsideville.  I took Utopia, which I really enjoyed.  The others all took various other ones, which they all really enjoyed too. 

To finish, off down the road, and into Zero's for coffees (and greentea) and grub.

I's home by 12.45pm
35 kms with all that road, and 729m climbed

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