Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday Croc-boys

Took O and his friend Hunter to Halswell Quarry in the afternoon.  Parked and headed across the park towards the quarry, then along the driveway and up Kennedy's Bush Rd.  Hunter's first ever time on the hill, whereas this was 'old hat' to O, having ridden up here that once before.  Hunter needed some coaching in good use of gears and there was a lot to take in.  I don't think he's ever puffed as hard as he was up here either...  End of the road and over the stile, then up the HighRoad and onto the 4wd at the watertank (not realising there's a new climbing trail just up from here...  discovered this as we approached the top, another rider on his way up it...). 

Through the gate and into Siberia, me following Hunter, and Otis out the front, bombing away ahead.  Hunter did well for a start, but around the corners and on the dowhill with the roots, I saw him bounced off his pedals, landing on his seat with feet out the sides, rattling down through the root section - yowch, coming to a stop in a small cloud of dust.  He was a bit shaken, but okay, and tootled down the last bit to Otis.  Climbed our way back up the 4wd to the gate and stopped for a snack and for me to act as gate-opener for a bunch of riders up and down.

Then off down the singletrack, same order, with Otis weaving and grooving his way down, sooo much confidence, and Hunter chasing, looking to me to be a bit out of control.  I gave him a big gap then rocketshipped down after him, catching quickly, and stopping again, letting him get ahead, and doing the same again.  Followed down through the High Road trail, and he started to get scuffed up on one of the corners (caught the inside pedal), and we caught up and met Otis at the start of the Crocodile.

Through the cattlestop and waiting for a couple of climbers, and off in, same order.  Here's where Hunter struggled.  Mostly he was okay, but having never navigated hairpins before he really struggled. But it wasn't the hairpin that got him first, it was a rut on the side.  Crash.  Let a climbing rider through, then off again, and around and then scuff skid crash on the last of the hairpins - poor little guy bollocking himself this time.  Bit of a break to recover, and off again, me cringing hoping he wouldn't crash off again.  O was waiting for us down at the next cattlestop.  That next bit is quite steep and I was really worried Hunter would topple, but he didn't and managed the little climb then onwards towards C2 where O was waiting.  I joined them and got ahead, and then saw the new 'Expert' descent here, so, sent the boys down C2 and I explored the new.  Nice, steeper and fun, a few wee roll over drops and weaves back and forth in the trees all the way down to meet the main drag down next to those ponds where it heads back into the valley before heading up for the exit.  Fun.  Will be good for a few laps in future evening rides...

Waited for the boys, hearing cheers from a couple riding when Hunter did the jump at the bottom, and they joined me and we headed up the climb, around, and then down the dog fields back to the car.

Not a huge ride, and probably less than 300 climbed...  alas, I'd forgotten to MMR it.

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