Monday, October 31, 2016

Kaikoura Peninsula Fatso

Shoulder injection Friday after Rotorua, so have been off the bike since then.  Took the fatty to Kaikoura thinking I might get up Fyffe or up the coast to Okiwi for a ride.  Weather wasn't so good, so I took what opportunity I could and got out Saturday morning for an hour or so...  From Dave and Jana's headed onto the beach trail down to town, then along the Esplanade and around the back road back up to Tom's Track.  Lots of steps, but some rideable bits up onto the top of the peninsula, then across and over to South Bay via Forest Trail, which had some interesting looking jumps built by the local kids.  Moseyed to the start of the Peninsula Walkway and turned around at the no bikes sign, heading back around the waterfront and then back up the Forest Trail.  At the top I hung a right along Torquay along the top of the Peninsula to Dempsey's Track which also had steps but less steep than Tom's, so was a good blast down the hill.  Back out to the Esplanade, through the back of downtown, and back along the beach track up to Dave and Jana's, finding Tra'y and the two kids on the beach having a play. 

15.7kms, 200m climbed, all in just under an hour.

Weather really packed it in that afternoon, and Sunday morning snow was quite low down on Fyffe.  I was totally keen to get up there, but did a walk around the seals and gulls and rock platforms and back over the top instead.

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