Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Quick Short Fat Wet Wednesday Jet Shorty

O and Jet and me headed up Mt Pleasant into the fog and driving mist to ride a little bit of trail. Parked up top of Mt Pleasant Rd, and headed down to Greenwood entrance, Jetty galloping alongside, til he came unstuck, or got stuck, in the cattlestop...  Greasy start to the trail, and we peeled off left onto the wee new one. Nice wee bomb down this, O had a small off, and if I got too far ahead I'd lose all sight of him, the fog was so thick, and wet - droplets building on eyelashes and clothes damper by the minute.  Down to the bottom the big pines next to the road dripping like crazy, and then we headed up the other one, sidling and climbing around and up to the ruins.  Stopped here and I explained what other options we had, and O decided we should go back the way we came, so, turned around, enjoying this trail back the other way, mostly down hill and quite flowy, then at the dripping pines, headed up the way we'd descended.  All the while, Jet having a lovely time and not hassling sheep whatsoever, not even showing any interest in them.  Good boy. Good climb back up, easier near the top, til the last couple of grunts, and we were back.  A couple of riders came through, with completely clean bikes - not for long.  Once on the road an posse of about 20 riders, male and female, came bombing out of the mist down the road and into the trail.  We headed for the car, and headed home.

A whopping 150m of altitude, in 5kms.

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