Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday night shorty with O and Tane

Parked at the Richmond Hill pines and with O, his mate Tane, and Jet, and we rode up the singletrack from that entrance, to the original Greenwood entrance.  Along this back to the ruins and then we dropped in.  I led the way, popping and weaving and grooving and cruising, while they battled their ways down behind me.  Jet just cruised with me - SO well behaved ignoring the sheep completely.  The boys enjoyed the challenge of the trail, and did really well.  We took our time, I'd stop and wait til they came into view then bomb off again ahead.  At the bottom, I sent the two boys off down Captain Thomas whilst Jet and me headed back up the road to the car.  He trotted along, panting away, and I was surprised at how slow this was, cos normally I'm chuffing to keep Nelson's pace, but with Jet I was barely raising my heartrate.  Got the the car and drove down to Slumnervale to pick them up.

7 and a half kms for me, with 240 m gained.  A bunch more descent for them.

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